Tuesday, August 28, 2012

More Baby Stuff...

I know..you're already sick of me talking about all the baby stuff going on around here...I promise though, we're near the end and I can start rewarding your patience with pictures of a real-life baby (soon)!  Until then, bear with a little while longer, we just have to make it through September!

I may have mentioned here (I know I whined about it on Facebook) that the car seat I was set on getting had become impossible to find now that we're close enough to our due date to pick one out.  Fact is, Babies 'R Us called it "last year's model" and quit carrying it!  Instead, they started carrying one with a flowery pattern on it and upped the already high price another $20!  They already wanted $20 more than Baby Depot was selling the exact same car seat for.  So, I put my name down on a "wait list" 2 weeks ago at Baby Depot.  Today when we got home from lunch, there was a message on our machine saying that our car seat had come in!  I rushed around the house looking for my 20% off coupon, but sadly, I have misplaced it and could not find it.  Instead, I cut out a 15% off coupon from this month's American Baby magazine and headed to the store.  A word to the wise...those coupons expired on August 26th!  I double checked the magazine I cut the coupon from...it's the August 2012 issue.  The store let me use it anyway though, so yeah on them.  I saved $12 on my car seat (and another $6.75 for being tax exempt), bring the price down to just under $68!  While my Mom was visiting, we picked up the matching stroller...I wasn't going to get a stroller, but the more I thought about it, the more I wanted one.  Not just an umbrella stroller though, those are too close to the ground for me to use and they hurt my back (not to mention they are hard to maneuver), I wanted a jogging stroller for the easy turning and such!  Luckily, the car seat I love so much does come in a set...with a jogging stroller!  Of course, I could have just bought a set...but, those are $239.99 (even with a 15% off coupon, it would have been $203.99).  At Baby Depot, I had my choice of Magenta or bright Yellow in the sets.  I quickly priced the car seat and stroller separately ($79.99 and $99.99) and did a bit of math in my head (about $180 for all the same pieces) and decided to buy my pieces separately!

I kinda like the green better anyway...  And, as an added "bonus", I overheard someone complaining while I was paying for our car seat today that their set they had bought did not come with the car seat base that latches into the car!  When you buy the car seat alone, it comes with a base...not so in the case of buying the car seat and stroller apparently!  We'll be buying a second base for Garrick's car, but those are only $40 ($34 with a coupon) though.  Even with buying a second base, that means we will have spent $187 total on our "set"!  Go back up to that set price for the convenience of buying it all in one box...yup, I saved $17 on that price and would have had to buy two bases still (another $80)!

What I really like about having the "matching" stroller is that the car seat locks into it securely, there's no popping off with this guy!  I know, because I had a heck of a time getting them apart in the store!  It latches onto the stroller just like it latches onto the base in the car.  I can't wait to have the little man here and take this for a spin!

Today was my "work on the nursery" day...mostly because the 5.0.4 patch for World of Warcraft was this morning, so, no WoW today (servers are back up now though).  I started by attempting to clean off the top of the dresser (again)...this seems to be where we put stuff when we don't have a "home" for it when we go into the room.  Either there or in the crib (since it isn't being used yet)!  The latest additions to what is "living" up here are the lamp (though I think I mentioned it the other day), the little jar to the right of the lamp (a jelly jar with a ribbon I tied around it) that is holding our diaper pins (for the "old-style" cloth diapers we have), our only disposable diapers (6 newborn sized ones from my sister...depending on how big our little man is, we may end up having to use the newborn sized disposables until he "grows into" the clothies), a partial roll of cloth diaper liners (flushable, think TP for inside a cloth diaper), and to the left of the lamp, that basket is full of pacifiers and pacifier/toy holders!  The shiny thing in the back is a package of 6-month size pacifiers I got at Marshall's...they're Born Free brand (love that company).  I rolled the roller shade up a bit today, that's why the curtain looks so "bright" there.

Next up, I got all my one-size and size small diapers stuffed and ready to use!  The blue tub on the top shelf of the changing table has all the pre-stuffed small/OS diapers ready to use and within reach.  The clear tub (which has a blue lid that is now on it) is full of diapers in the Medium or Large size as well as all the "extra" liners.  I figure we may need to double up the liners for over night, but for now...each diaper got one microfiber "cleaning" cloth that was folded in half.  The bright blue and green ones in the clear tub are shaped like Swiffer pads (and are actually designed for use with a Swiffer), we'll see how they do though!  The other liners all came with the cloth diapers (save for the two at the bottom of the photo that my Mom made for us).  In the photo of the changing table, see the second blue tub, down a shelf?  That's got hats, bibs, and mittens in it!  The mittens may go somewhere else, but for now, it works.

I'm still working on getting all the clothes sorted...but with my Mom's help, we do have things "started" and semi-organized!  This is the top drawer of little man's dresser...it is full of onesies!  That's all that's in that drawer...this is what happens when you have 4 (he actually has 5) cousins, a second cousin who is less than a year older than you, and a Mom who loves to shop thrift/consignment shops!  Not only is it full...those are all size 0-3 months my friends!  I'm in the process of going through everything and pulling out what I don't "need" to give to another friend of my sister's who recently found out she is expecting her fourth child (and she got rid of everything after her #3).  I'm also being super picky and pulling out as much of the stained stuff as I can find (though a few things I'm keeping because they are so cute anyway).  I still need to sort the center and left piles into short-sleeve and long-sleeve as well.  The pile on the right is all the "use as an outer shirt" types onesies...

Then there's the closet!  I know I promised you a whole post just about the closet, but I'm too lazy and I really don't think you really want to read yet another whole post about a closet, do you?

First, how awesome does that look?!?  I want my own closet to look that "put together"...  But, this closet has a story...a story that starts with my Mom and I finding a set of ClosetMaid wire shelving closet organizer(s) on clearance for $19!  Keep in mind we also purchased a "as yet unrevealed" shelving system for $50.  Can we say woot?  But, not so fast...we thought we'd start by getting the closet organizer put up to help clear up some space, so we popped open the box only to discover why it was so deeply discounted...one of the post caps and all four post pieces were missing!  I tried for several days to get through on the customer service number included on the instructions...my call was less important than they claimed though...I never got through to anyone.  So, off to Home Depot and Lowe's we went in search of the support poles.  We did not find them though...what we did find was a whole lot spendier, but in the end, well worth the money in my opinion!  We ended up getting a shelf track (basically, you screw this to the wall the hang the uprights from it, ensuring everything is level), four upright pieces (each measuring 60-inches), and 8 shelf brackets (two for each shelf).  The three large shelves all have "clothing rods" built into them...not sturdy enough for adult sized clothes, at least not loaded down anyway, but perfect for little baby/kid stuff!  We also left the wooden shelf and clothing rod in the closet...this is totally mounted below that, adding to the storage space in the closet!  Currently, all the spare bed parts are up there though...the toddler rail pieces, pieces for converting the crib into a full-size frame, and all the leftover dresser pieces.  Also, a few toys that are "too old" for a baby...one that may or may not end up being a birthday/Christmas present for one of our nephews!

Talk about an organized space though...let me start in the top left and show you what I mean...empty hangers are on the old rod up there and on the shelf just behind them, a crib pad that Garrick's Mom crossed stitched!  I'm debating hanging it on a wall or using it...the size is a bit "off" for the crib, but I'll use it one way or another!  I think it would also make a great little "throw" for playing on the floor with.  Going to the right on that top shelf, is baby's bath supplies (wash cloths and then towels, with his hot water indicator ducky).  We ended up getting two of those duckies that say "HOT" on the bottom if the water's too hot...I had never seen that in ducky form before!  This one looks like a policeman, lol.  Hanging from that first shelf is all of little man's jackets and "outside" gear (he has 3 "snowsuits")!  The one on the farthest right is, of course, a terry cloth ducky "suit" that I believe is meant to put on after a bath...nephew #1 got a lot of use out of it when he was tiny!  Continuing across the top of the photo, we have more empty hangers (the ones my Mom crocheted for us), the sleep sacks (both are size small, but one is significantly larger), and behind that, hidden from view here, is our giant stack of homemade blankets!  You can see a tiny bit of bright red binding peeking out from under the sleep sacks...  The stack is being held on the shelf from the side by the diaper stacker we have in there...it was the diaper stacker my Mom got when I was born!  The diaper stacker itself is full of the "old-style" cloth diapers, or rather it was...I took two of the three packages downstairs today and just brought them up fresh out of their third time through a wash/dry cycle!  They are currently waiting to be folded (in the crib), but will be going back in the stacker along with the set I left in the package and the bunch of "plastic pants" I have in the bottom of the stacker...they look too big for use right now anyway.  I do have two diaper covers for use with this style diaper, but figure I'll save those for my use while Garrick is otherwise engaged and save him the "hassle" of learning to use them too (at least right off the bat).

Down to the short shelf...it is currently housing one of the "large" size tubs that matches the ones on the changing table, in this tub, I have crib sheets, a couple of the little plastic changing pads (for in a diaper bag), and on top of the sheets, sheet savers!  The sheet savers are plastic backed and go over your crib sheets to keep them dry in case of overnight leaks (of course, all the photos of these show them going under baby's head...but under their butt seems more useful to me).  We ended up getting three terry cloth ones (green, blue, and cream) on sale for $3.99  at BRU and one (not pictured) that is a dark brown faux-fur that I paid $4.49 for.  Down another shelf (and to the right), we have a stack of receiving blankets (some as old as me).  Both baskets on this shelf are ones that I made in my basket weaving class last year!  The one just to the right of the blankets is full of baby shoes (mostly size 2), while the melon basket is currently holding "odds and ends" that I'm not sure where to put just yet (including both bathroom travel kits my sister made...).  The clothing hanging from this shelf is all "sets" with the exception of three of them which are all "baby's first Christmas" stuff.

On the last shelf, the large tub is holding "lap pads" (waterproof flannel pads for use in keeping oneself dry should baby spring a leak), the other changing pad cover (I only got 2, those suckers are expensive, $9.50 each at WalMart, $18+ at BRU), our other sets of cloth wipes (we currently have 3 sets of 10 wipes), and both of our burp cloths (yes, we only have 2...one my Mom made that has a PUL backing to keep Dad clean once he has to go back to work and one I bought a few weeks ago that appears to be made out of a couple of printed cloth diapers, this one also has snaps so it can be used as a bib once baby is big enough to need a large bib and no burp cloth).  To the left of the tub, in the clear totes, is the diapering "bits" I talked about earlier, and above that is a tote full of socks!  The clear tote with the white lid is all clothes that are larger than 0-3 months (so, 3-6 months on up to 6-9 months).  And pay no attention to the wiring in the bottom of the closet...our WiFi is still coming from the connection there...Garrick needs to get that moved sooner rather than later...for now the router is sitting on an empty kitty litter tub just outside of the closet doors!

Well, I'm off to fold this lovely load of extra clean cloth diapers!  And don't worry..there was no fabric softener in that Downy Ball!  I use it to hold my White Vinegar (an excellent fabric softener)...baby's stuff doesn't get anything but Vinegar to help soften them...I do use homemade dryer sheets and Unstoppables (fragrance beads) in our clothes, but not for baby!

One last thing...we have a date set for our (my) C-section!  But, it's still not a "for sure" date, it will depend on the results of the amniocentesis the day before whether or not we have a "go" or a "wait a week and get steroid shots", so I won't close the voting just yet!  At our last ultrasound, little man is still measuring in the 92nd percentile for size and hasn't bothered to go head down at all...in fact, he has adopted a "stand up right" position!

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