Sunday, April 10, 2011

Home Alone...GAH! ;)

No...I haven't tried the Aftershave, lol.  I'm just a gal that grew up in the 80's & 90's and can't say that "phrase" without seeing McCaully Caulkin (sp?) patting on the Old Spice and feeling the burn!

The other day I mentioned a cat that we just fell in love with at Pet Smart...we went back last night to see if he was still there (we also went to Best Buy and got a new power strip/surge protector for the new TV).  He was....I feel so bad for him, he's such a sweet kitty and I'm guessing because of his reduced adoption fee that he's on his last chance to get adopted.
"Cliff" is a 9 year old nuetered male looking for his forever home!  And good news is, he's litterbox trained (so says that checkbox on the right)!  If I had things my way, this sweet boy would be in my forever home, but we just don't have the resources to take in another cat right now!  Especially an older one...Frappy is 11 years old!  None of the other questions/comments on the card were marked, but I know from cuddling him through the cage bars that this little guy is a lover and a talker!  I'm not sure why I can't find him when I search petfinder or Spokanimal's website!  He is still available (unless he got adopted last night, 4/09/2011/)!  If you have the ability, he needs a loving home!  Yup, this is why I spent 2 years volunteering all of my time and my home to Bend Spay & Neuter when we lived in Bend, OR...I'm an animal lover.  Out of 13 kittens I fostered, I only kept one (Baby)...and I was just attached to him to let him go by the time he was well enough to go anywhere else!  Oh how I wish there was a similar program here!  I hate the fact that shelters here (or anywhere) are not "no-kill" shelters!  If I had the money to, I would provide a sancutary setting for pets who have run out of chances at other shelters, garunteeing them a "forever home" until they pass or find their true forever home.  That would be my idea of a life well spent...and it would be a busy one for sure!

That little thing that looks like pencil lead taped to the card is a microchip, or rather an RFID's a "pet identifier"!  We have them in both cats and Rosie too, most if not all "rescue" pets come with them these days.  One quick swipe with a scanner and a vet or other animal agency can quickly get your info (so long as you keep it up to date) and reunite you with your pet!  There was a story on the news here in Spokane, Wa last week about a cat who was found in the woods after 9 years recently!  He'd been "chipped" so when they found him, he was returned to his owner after that many years, they work and are seriously worth the investment!

In other other half left for his business trip this morning.  He flew to Phoenix for a layover and sent me a picture of the Grand Canyon as they flew over it, while the plane was descending, he got a few good pics!  One day I hope we can go there and see more than a glimpse of it!


  1. What a cute kitty! My daughter volunteers at SpokAnimal 1-2 days a week. I can assure you he's not on his last chance. SpokAnimal is a no-kill shelter. They are really pushing to get their older animals adopted though, before the onslaught of kittens and puppies begins, any time now. Often SpokAnimal will place animals in foster home too, so that they are still available for adoption and posted on their website through, but they are in a home while they wait.

    I found you through Backyard I live near you. :)

  2. That's awesome to know! I have little faith in Spokanimal, unfortuneatly because of a lack of response to multiple incidences around my home. I can't find this guy on their website or petfinder! I was thinking of calling Pet Smart today to see if he's still available (to update here). This little guy is such a lover! And yes, kitten season is starting full swing about now...I was a foster "Mom" in Central Oregon for 2 years before we moved!

    It's great to see some of my BYC buddies making it over here, especially "us few" on the Eastern side of the state! Stay tuned for chick pics with my 5 year old nephew, they should be here in a few hours!