Thursday, September 29, 2011

IBA #224, 500, and 125

# 224 - What episode on Oprah would you like to be a guest on and why?

Oprah is an amazing woman, but I honestly cannot think of anything I would want to go on her show for (if it were still running).  I suppose I could go if she were to do a show about low carbing or diabetes, but there are many other people that have more knowledge than I do on those subjects!  I guess this is where my “self-worth” or lack thereof comes into play.  It is not that I would not love the chance to discuss my opinions with Oprah (or anyone else for that matter); I just know that there are people who understand it better or are better at getting their point across in a more concise manner.

I, for one, am a rambler.  I know it; you know it because you keep reading these!    Ramblers do get their point of view across, but we do it in a roundabout sort of way… (This is where my only slightly related story would go normally)!

If I were to reign in my rambling, which I also do in person, I would consider it.  Heck, I managed to work backyard chicken keeping and low carb dieting into my conversation with Wil Wheaton last month!  Someday I would like to simply meet the “most powerful woman in America”, but for now…I will stick to my non-celebrity community where I am recognized for all that is “me”.

# 500 - _____ (i.e. cookie dough in my case) is my nemesis because….

Carbohydrates, specifically the “bread” type carbohydrates, are my nemesis! 

This may get a bit too graphic for reading over your morning cup of coffee. 

For years, I dealt with “gas issues”.  I was always more flatulent than anyone I knew!  Anything could “trigger” a bout of it, stress being my worst time.  If I was nervous, you could smell it!  We thought it might be eggs (I seemed to get worse with them), then Spinach would set me off; really, it was anything I put in my mouth!  We once went out two evenings in a row for dinner, Chinese one night and Mexican the next…it was a horrible few nights in the middle of February because between my other half and I, we had to sleep with the window wide open just so we could breathe!  However, since following a low carbohydrate diet, the “pressure valve” has been turned off!  It is not that I am “never” gassy now…just a lot less often!  I now eat a ton of eggs (4-6 eggs every day) with no issue, stress and nervousness is now not (always) accompanied by the “squeak” it has always had.

# 125 - Truth or Dare? Dare. Post a picture of yourself from Prom (or some other horrifying moment caught on camera)

Oh, I have plenty of those embarrassing moments caught on camera!  What I have chosen for your viewing “horror” today though are a set of photos taken at Christmas in 2010, when I was at my heaviest weight ever.  The first picture, when I finally saw it, was what made me realize I needed to take a strong look at my diet and make changes!
My sheer size is embarrassing to me!  The position I was sitting in when this was taken did not help either; I look like I have another stomach and boobs in the back…and absolutely no neck!  The good news is that the blue shirt I was wearing here is baggy on me now…I would not call it too big yet, but it is definitely getting there!

One of our nephews took last, but certainly not least, this photo of me with my cat (she lived with my Mother for several years).  I still have the “rolls” right now, but they do not stick quite so far out anymore!  In addition, the pants are very baggy instead of skintight!