Sunday, February 24, 2013

3-Ingredient Pulled Pork...

Several women in my "mommie groups" posted about making pulled pork with only three ingredients, even more posted about making pork using Root Beer (What?!)!  Turns out they were all talking about the same basic recipe!

Here (follow that link) is an example...they all look about the same, others have you add spices and such though. do we "healthy-fy" that?  I mean seriously, it only has three ingredients (pork, root beer, and BBQ sauce for those that didn't follow that link)!

For the Pork...rather than an expensive Tenderloin, we bought Boston Butt (or shoulder roast or butt roast or pork shoulder...they're all the same cut), it's way cheaper!  Last time we made it, we bought a 6 pound Butt for less than the 2 pound Tenderloin!

Root Beer was replaced with Diet Root Beer, cutting out all of the carbs from that!  Really this is just the liquid you cook the roast in...if you must have regular, go ahead, but count those 39.2g carbs into our meat!

Barbeque Sauce...I made a low carb sauce to use, the one I made only had about 12g in the whole batch (and you use the whole batch plus more to go on top) because I used the 1g net carb Ketchup.  Next time I'll sweeten this up a bit with Brown Sugar Twin I think..

All you do is plop (technical term) your meat into your slow cooker, add a can of (diet) root beer, and turn to low and cook for 9-10 hours.  Once it really gets cooking, you may want to evacuate the smells like what comes out of your rear end!  We kept checking the baby for "number two's" and following the dog around looking for any "presents" she may have left us!  Bare with your stinky meat though, it tastes wonderful when it's all done!  At your 9 or 10 hour mark, pull the meat out of the slow cooker and dump the liquid down the drain, goodbye stinkiness!  Now, turn off the slow cooker or set it to warm for a little bit. You need to "pull" all that pork!  Don't pull it so far apart that you don't have to chew it...that's over-pulled pork and it mushes in your mouth (so much so that Garrick refused to eat the leftovers).  I pull out the big chunks of fat and such because we don't like eating that part anyway.  I put my pulled meat right back into the slow cooker as I pull it (which is why I turn it down, there's no liquid in there right now).  Once all the meat is back in, dump your barbeque sauce in an give it a stir.  When making your sauce, remember you need 18 ounces, or 2.25 cups, make more than that so you can top your pork with extra sauce!  Set the slow cooker to high and let it go one more hour to heat the barbeque sauce and let it meld with the meat!

Serve Hot!  For anyone who eats carbs, this goes on a bun or roll for Pulled Pork Sandwiches.  For anyone watching their carbs, Cauli-rice is a good option, topping a green salad is another way to go, or (like my lunch today) just eat it in a bowl with a fork!

Now, I'm off to play with a baby and maybe get some cooking done tonight (dinner for sure)!

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