Friday, December 9, 2011

Weight Loss...Checking In!

November was a "bad" month for my weight loss!  I only lost 0.40 pounds!  Week by week though, I lost 2.4, then gained 2.8, then lost 1.2 ans 1.0 pounds...but I only subtract the first of the new month from the first of the old was easier to track that way.  In comparison, I lost 4.2 pounds in October!

I still weigh less than I did a year ago though, so I am happy overall.  To the left is my weekly "weigh-ins" since my 1-year start date, including my first weigh-in from 2010!  The pink numbers are my calculated varies depending on where you get your formula from (my doctor uses a different formula an puts it much higher than these numbers) but I use this one:
BMI=(weight (in lbs) x 703)/(height (in inches) x height (in inches))
It's been slow going in the first few months of my second year of low-carbing...but with a fresh set of ideas in my newest addition to my low-carb cooking cookbook arsenal, Low-Carbing Among Friends, life is looking up!  I fully plan on making low-carb Corn Dogs next week!  We had a Taco Bake out of the new book a few nights ago, it was great!  I will be putting my own spin on it, but mostly because the other half hates anything resembling a vegetable on his plate and having an entire Bell pepper in it wasn't his idea of a fun meal!  I'm also going to bake the burger in the "crust" sort of sat on top and made it hard to get out of the pan!  If you can get your hands on one of these cookbooks, I highly recommend it (They are selling them on Amazon as well)!  If you pay attention to my rantings, you know how much I love Dana Carpender's cookbooks; she is one of the authors in this one as well!  Lisa Marshall also has a section in this one too (author of 24/7 Low Carb Diner blog) and there are even recipes from Jamie (who writes Your Lighter Side, another favorite blog I spend way too much time on every day!  The only thing I have that is remotely negative to say about the book so far is the layout and binding.  It is a bound book, since it is a cookbook and extremely small in size, I think a spiral binding would have been easier to use...luckily, I have a copier at home so I'll be photocopying the recipes out of the book so I don't loose my place!  The book is laid out by author as well, so finding a "breakfast" recipe means looking through the whole book!  The index helps there, but it is really hard to know if "Armadillo Eggs" is really something you want to try...I do, by the way!

See all those flags on my copy?  Those are all the recipes I want to try!  The view from the top has even more tabs than you can see here!  Tonight is gonna be "throw something on a Pork Chop" night here though...not sure what yet though (some sort of spice)!  I was also inspired by a post on the Atkins Facebook page too last night.  They made a post asking about Hot Cocoa recipes.  I play with my personal recipe and it never is the same twice!  But, as I was making myself a cup of coffee last night (it sounded good, okay?), I was inspired by what I had read (in the first 4 posts).  So, while the water in the tea kettle came to a boil, I added my instant coffee tube (Taster's Choice French Vanilla) to my cup.  Then I added a dash of Cinnamon and a little Nutmeg, then a tiny dash of Cayenne Pepper!  Then I added 1/2 teaspoon of Cocoa Powder and 1-2 teaspoons of Splenda!  Added Hot Water and a little was yummy!

Here's hoping the rest of my "year in low-carbing" continues in this trend!  That big spike was when I had my surgery...double check before you go in and they start an IV that every nurse who touches it knows to give you the "sugar free" one!  One of the nimrods in charge of my care swapped me to the bag with sugar in it...she is also the one who refused to give me any insulin!

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