Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Newest Member of the Family!

Here he is, baby Wyatt Paul!  Born (late) on Saturday, November 26, 2011 at 10:29am, his brothers got to meet him at 10:45am, ha!

Wyatt has a full head of dark brown hair, just like Mommy (all three of the other boys have blond-ish hair) and weighed in at 9.04 pounds!  Nephew #2 outweighed him by a few ounces, but he is the longest baby yet.

Nephews #1-3 spent the night with me while Grandma, Mom, and Dad were at the hospital and they really only got to meet their brother so soon after he was born because we were on our way there to take supplies that had been forgotten at home and pick up Grandma to go have breakfast (last I had heard, labor had been stopped by pain meds and it didn't look like it was going to "happen" anytime soon).

Nephews #1-3 (in order)!
After all the boys got to take a peek at Wyatt (and #3 got to hold him), Grandma and I whisked the three boys away for a fun day of shopping and McDonald's to play on the play structure and have a snack (cause Aunts can get away with feeding them fries and chocolate milk).

We even brought a present to the hospital for Wyatt (and parents)!  This is one of those projects that I have been keeping a lid on for months!  A diaper cake!  Well, a "mini" diaper cake anyway...This just the top 2-tiers of a 3-tiered cake pattern I had.  I chose to "bake" my cake out of size 2 diapers because my sister already had a stash of nearly every other size!  Also, I could get a box with 96 diapers for like $13...

To decorate the cake, I started by taking a 2-3 inch wide satin ribbon and wrapping it around the bottom layer (to hide all the rubber bands) and then used an "It's A Boy!" ribbon on the top layer.  The blue boy ribbon is leftover from an artificial flower arrangement I made for her when Nephew #1 was born!  A Satin bow on top to "fancy it up"!  The satin ribbon was bought to use for my sister's wedding...I forget whether it was actually used though...

As a "cake topper", I crocheted a Hearthstone with baby yarn.  World of Warcraft players should recognize this right off the bat...besides, "Home is where your Hearth is (set to)". Ha!  Hanging of the top layer (more easily seen in the first photo on the left) is a pacifier pouch that I sewed.  In the pouch is a matching bib!  I'm not fond of how the p-pouch was put together, but I will probably make more of these...I especially like the matching bib in it, the pouch is easily hooked on a purse strap (or a diaper bag, belt loop, wherever you can fit the 1/2 inch handle through...) and then you're never out and about without a bib (or pacifier)!  And finally, sandwiched between the two layers, are a pacifier cord thing (chunk of ribbon that you Velcro the pacifier to and then clip to the baby's clothes) that has a monkey head (stuffed) on it and a pair of matching monkey baby socks.

In addition to the "mini cake" I took to the hospital for them, there was a full-sized 3-tiered version waiting for them when they got home too!  For the big cake though, it wasn't quite as adorned with gifts...there were 3 baby wash clothes (2 matching and the third coordinated), more bibs (that I sewed and will post here in the coming days/weeks), and a bottle of Lavender scented baby wash (supposed to make them sleep better) as the "topper".  I used a 5-gallon bucket lid as my cake stand...and I really had to squeeze to get that bottom round on there!  I didn't get any photos of the larger cake once it was set up, but most of the "decoration" was the cute ribbon anyway.

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