Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter (Early)!

I probably won't be around "here" much tomorrow, so I wanted to tell everyone (all three of you) Happy Easter!  Whether you are a church-goer or just an "Egg Hunter", have a great Sunday tomorrow!

As for today though...I successfully got a size "small" diaper pattern printed out to go with the "newborn" size I got put together the other day!  Oh, I also relocated the page I got the pattern from that, you know, contains the directions on how to use said it is in case you are wondering what the heck I'm yammering on about.  You do have to "register" with the forums, but so far I haven't noticed anything "bad" about signing up with can even just link it to Facebook (if you're lazy like me)!  So, here I sit with two of the cutest (clearance) fabrics, a brand new pair of snap pliers (specially made for the tender plastic diaper snaps), a pack of "icky" colored snaps, a yard of PUL (Poly-Urethane Laminated) Fabric, and no real "want" to cut out the stinking pattern!  I just want it to magically "happen" and be ready for me to sew!  I have the same stalemate going with the ingredients for Chocolate Rice Krispies right now...oh how I want to sink my teeth into a yummy krispy treat...but actually do the cooking?  Yuck. (Yes, microwaving butter and marshmallows counts as cooking...)

I think I may make a size small first out of "scrap" materials from the boxes in the dining room (What?  Where do you keep your fabric?), hopefully before my trip to Central Oregon in a few weeks.  That way I can try it on my sister's baby to check fit.  He fit so perfectly into the little tiny all-in-one I bought at Other Mothers!  The waterproof liner that goes into these diapers is the same size for the newborn and small size (bonus!), so the plan is to follow the directions to make the liners "removable" with snaps rather than stitching them in permanently.  Also, this means I won't have to put the PUL in my dryer, extending the lifespan by many, many uses!

I got these two fabrics in the clearance section at Jo-Ann's the other day!  $6 a yard for the brown one with dots (so I only bought 1 yard) and $3 a yard for those cute Dinos (I bought what was left, 2 inches shy of 3 yards)! The dino print is very thin, so I may end up lining that one with a white (blue, green, yellow, whatever) anti-pill fleece on the inside, it would make it warmer and less "see through" at the same time.  I also bought a couple of yards of a Christmas print...but I can't share those pics...ya know cause it's for gifts this year!  I figure with a teeny tiny at home this Christmas, I won't have too much "craft time" in October, November, and December this year).

I'll either get a diaper made today or the chicken coop cleaned...maybe both, but that's a little heavy for an afternoon where I haven't napped.  We finally remembered to go buy Hay today!  So now, I really have no excuse not to clean out the coop.  While at the feed store today, I got to peek in at the babies (chicks)!  They only had two little Brahmas (cute little black and white mottled chicks) left and a half full tray of Cornish Crosses (meat birds), happy chicks they were though!  With that many chicks in the one bin (and so few in the Brahma tray), they were all pretty quiet!  If only I could convince my other half that we "need" more chickens, lol.  (That dream will take winning the lottery and moving to many acres...)  Speaking of my girls though, they have just been tearing through the Oyster shell recently!  Has anyone else noticed this or is this another of those "unique to my chickens" things?  They have a bird feeder dish that holds 1/2 cup each of grit and Oyster shell and I have had to refill the OS every other day for the past 2 weeks!

Well, off to clean the coop (or make a diaper)!  Enjoy the weather a little maybe too, it's 51 outside and sunny!

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