Friday, May 24, 2013

Got2be POWDER'ful - A Review

So...I don't have to share this with you all (but I do need to tell people in general about this stuff since it is a BzzCampaign), but I thought I would let you know about my experience with this hair product anyway.  You are all dying to know what keeps my hair looking like a hot mess all the time, right?

The good folks over at BzzAgent sent me not one, but three bottles of this stuff!  I sent two of them off in Mother's Day gifts to two other Mommies in a couple of my mommy groups on Facebook.  I hope they like it, or find someone else to pawn it off on...

I got a chance to use it a few weeks ago when my Mom was visiting.  She baby-sat for us and we went out for a "date night" to a place with other adults and I didn't have to wear my hair up for fear of a baby grabbing hold and never letting go until he had successfully pulled it from my skull by the roots (he does that).  I was less than impressed though...the powder comes in a small "can" that is roughly as big around as a silver dollar (gold if all you know is the "new" coin money) coins and about as tall as a roll of quarters, maybe a little bigger.  It is a super fine powder that you squeeze into your hand, rub between your palms, and then work into your roots.

It left my hands feeling very sticky, even after several washes (with soap).  To make matters worse, it left my hair feeling just as sticky!  Ever time I would touch my hair, I had to go rewash my hands because they would be immediately sticky feeling again.  It was an unpleasant night fr my hair.

I never saw any "volume" did manage to make my unruly hair appear even more unruly though.

 Overall, this was not a good product for my hair...I don't know if it's just me or if it works poorly for most people, but I do not recommend this stuff! (But, if you like it, I have a coupon to share...)

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