Friday, January 11, 2013

Playing Baby "Catch Up"!

Christmas pictures and beyond!  I can't believe my little man will be 3 months old tomorrow!  He is developing such a personality and is in love with his toys and has even picked out a few favorites.  A photo blog because I can't seem to get time to write between naps, nursing, and pumping...

One highlight though...the mommy group I'm in is writing in to The Ellen Degeneres Show in hopes of being in the audience or on the show so that we get the chance to all meet!  I know it's a super long shot, but it would be so cool if it actually happened!  I have grown so close to these ladies over the last year!  We "met" through the "What to Expect" forums, but left that group because of all the negativity.  What we have formed on facebook is a close knit group of supportive friends (and we poop sprinkles and fart rainbows too).  Below is the letter I submitted to the show...

I am part of a “mommy group” on Facebook, we started the group very early in our pregnancies and have been together ever since, through guessing our babies sexes, early labor signs and multiple false alarm trips to the hospital, to actual deliveries, including “our” first baby born in August (we were all due in October)!  We are still together and supporting each other through sicknesses, being in the hospital for Jaundice, dehydration, RSV, and many other health issues, including those of our mommies and other family members.  We’ve supported each other through a stolen car, a burned down garage (full of all the baby’s formula, diapers, etc…), loss of family members, and much more!  We all watched via an online feed as one of “our” babies met his daddy for the first time when his ship arrived, we all cried when that ship came in!

We all live so far apart that most of us have never met, but these women are my best friends, I can tell them things I would never tell my partner, my family, or my “regular” friends!  We have spun off into several side groups, exercise and weight loss groups, a book club, a single moms group, a breast-feeding support group, even a “sexy” group to help each other bring a little more intimacy back after having our babies.  Each group is just as supportive as the original.  We even exchange gifts, organizing “secret” gift exchanges!

It would mean so much to all of us to get a chance to meet each other; we have grown so close over this past year!
The submissions have to be under 1500 characters, so I had to leave a lot of detail out! However, I trust that the other ladies in the group will cover anything I left out, there are over 500 of us!

Baby feets!

Playing WoW with Dad


Gabriel playing with the toys on his rocker.


All the cousins together for Christmas, my side of the family...

Ready for Christmas...

Gabriel's picture that we added to the collage our mommy group is making to send to The Ellen Show!

Daddy hamming it up after a poo explosion, our first!

Trying out the Bumbo for the first time...

Sticking his tongue out at Daddy...

Tummy time on our Fisher-Price Piano mat!

One of our diapers de-laminated...:(

Our Flatofrog!

Taking naps in the crib! "Baby" steps toward sleeping in it at night...

Loving Daddy time!

Our new Kawaii diapers, washed, stuffed, & ready to wear, with extra inserts for overnight use!

Wearing our new diapers!
We even used one of out new diapers overnight (until 3am when we got up for a bottle anyway)!  It was great, no leaks!

Well, back to diaper changes, nursing, and pumping!  I promise to try to post more often as time allows.

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  1. Love all the photos! May need to "grab" some for my own blog! LOL! Love you Sis! Hope you guys make it to Ellen! Can't say I wont be a little jealous though! Wish my group had thought of it! Ha ha!