Sunday, June 26, 2011

My New Trainer...

I got to go work with my mentor, a gal that actually lives fairly close to me, today!  It was/is a very nice day to be outside, I do believe I'll be taking a hat with me from now on though!  After she took Black Fawn out and showed me where to walk/how to get them out easily/pretty much went over everything from yesterday in greater detail, I took Baby Girl out for a walk, just the two of us.  Since they are out of the really nice leashes that the volunteers have to purchase, I had to use the little nylon kind (like they use at the Vet's office).  That really hurt my hands and wrists!  Not only does the nylon rope really cut into your skin, but the leashes are so short, that I was walking funny to avoid stepping on the poor dog!  She did pull a lot on the leash, but she was just so happy to be outside!  She also stopped and waited for me really well.  I took the path around the large field as my mentor had just took a dog through the smaller path inside.  Baby Girl had a great time sniffing and walking/pulling me along at a fast pace!  I even got kisses when I had to stop (in a rare shady spot) to tie my shoe!  I didn't even look at the dog breeds when I went wandering down the kennel looking for my "first dog", what I did go looking for was one that wasn't jumping and spazzing out just because there was a "people".  I knew the leash was going to hurt me no matter what, so I picked the pooch that was lazing in bed when I walked up.  She waited very patiently while I got the leash/collar combo on her and figured out the door system.  That was, of course, the end of the calmness until we exited the building!  As soon as the other dogs started barking at her, she ran for the exit!  She is a very timid little dog!  I started to mention breeds earlier...this little gal is a pit bull terrier mix.  I find the breed to have some of the most sweet dogs in it!  When I worked at BSNP, my favorite of all the dogs that came in (which was not very many since it's mainly a cat place), was the Pit Bull Terriers!  Little dogs are just plain mean when they wake up, all the PBTs I ever dealt with just wanted luvin's!

Hopefully more leashes will be in soon!  I'll be getting one as soon as they are available, that nylon rope really hurts!  Baby Girl took me for a 30 minute walk today, I hope she has found a home by the time I make it back (next Saturday, can't go during the week while Nephew #1 is visiting), but if she's still there, I'll go out with her again for sure!  Once inside with someone who had good treats (or any treats for that matter), she demonstrated that she knows how to "sit" and "shake" too!  She also knows "hold on a minute"...but that might have had more to do with me stopping at the same time while we were out on our walk, lol.

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  1. "Baby Girl" has found a new home! I was really glad to see her spot being used by another dog today! Someone has found themselves a wonderful dog!