Sunday, September 30, 2012

"Almost the Same As Starbuck's Coffee..."

My Mom actually figured this "recipe" out, but I thought I'd share it with everyone else too.  A while ago I posted about how I had taken to making my own flavored coffee creamer using half & half, cream, and DaVinci's coffee flavors.

I generally stick to the single flavor choices (Butterscotch, Coconut, Praline, whatever I happen to have on hand in the way of flavors), but my Mom figured out you can mix Cinnamon and Dulce de Leche at about 50/50 to get close to the same flavoring as Starbucks does with their Cinnamon Dulce flavored latte!

To achieve this one you need...
  • 14 ounces of Half & Half or Cream (I like to mix the two, but only had Half & Half tonight)
  • 1.5 ounces Cinnamon DaVinci's
  • 1.5 ounces Dulce de Leche DaVinci's (You can fusge a little on these depending on your tastes
  • Old Creamer Container (this fills a small Coffeemate brand container)
Pour in your half & half and/or cream (the more cream you add the thicker your end "product" will be), I use a little 2 ounce measure because then I only have to dirty the one "tool".  Add your flavorings, pop on the lid and give it a gentle shake!  Gentle, you can never be "sure" you got the lid screwed on properly after all!

Another option to go with the half & half and/or cream would be Coconut Milk (which I just remembered I have open in my fridge).  I really like using it in my coffee, but not sure how it would work here because it does separate and needs some vigorous shaking before each use!  I suppose if you want to keep your creamer in a glass jar and shake it every time, this might be an option for getting a "thick and creamy" version.  I'll have to give it a try sometime!

There you have it, your very own bottle of Cinnamon Dulce coffee creamer ready to go when you are, no guessing the right amount of each flavor for each cup you have!  For a cup that matches Starbucks' "perfectly", I think a bit of Splenda in your cup may be needed.  Also, a sprinkle of Cinnamon over top with some fresh whipped cream would be "ideal"!  

Of course, if you just want the flavor and not the "money saving" of making it "could" go to Starbucks' website and just order yourself a bottle of the flavoring!  But, it's $9.95 and you still have to add the "milk" of your choosing to it.  I like my way better...we get the flavors for $3.87 at Cash & Carry ($7.74 for the two needed) and end up with a total of three flavor combos, not to mention twice as much total syrup!

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