Sunday, September 16, 2012

Luster Premium White - A Review

As you know, I'm a BzzAgent!  What that means is that I occasionally get chosen to receive items (for free or at a reduced cost) in order to try them and help spread information on the products via word of mouth, or in this case, "word of blog"!

I while ago I received Luster Premium White...both the 1 hour white "at home tooth whitening light system" and the Power White7 Daily Fluoride Toothpaste.  It has taken me a while to remember to ask my doctor about using this (since I'm pregnant and it carries a warning to do just that, but also because the toothpaste contains "active dental Peroxide" and I'm allergic to Hydrogen Peroxide).  I must admit that I still have not asked my doctor, but decided to give this a go anyway.

So, this is what my teeth looked like prior to using the light system...pardon the crooked grin!  Not terrible looking here, but on the included "tooth color chart", my color is off the chart in the "icky" direction!

With limited time and an aching back, I only did five of the recommended 20 treatments, but my plan is to follow the "weekend treatment" over the next few days to get the rest of the treatments in (5 treatments each in the evening, morning, evening, and once more in the morning).  I also went ahead and brushed after the treatments with the flouride toothpaste that is also supposed to improve tooth color in 7 days.

The results so far? try to take a decent photo of your own mouth...  The results so far (one-quarter of the way to whiter teeth) are pretty good!  I realize in the photos, they look about the same, but trust person there is a noticeable difference!

Now to the "how do you do it" potion...  The light system "kit" comes with a bottle of rinse (think mouthwash but only for your front teeth and it has almost no taste to it), the whitening gel, the light "thingy", and a stand for said light "thingy"!  It also came with a 4-pack of batteries for the light.  First off, make sure your teeth are clean...this isn't in the directions, but I chose to brush mine prior to starting.  Then, you take the rinse, pour out 10 mL into the accompanying cup (like the kind you use for liquid cold medicine), and swish away for 10 seconds!  This stuff really has almost no flavor and has the consistency of thick water.  It's kinda nasty actually.  By the time you're ready to spit it out, it does have a slightly minty flavor to it, but it is almost undetectable.  Next up is "painting" on the gel!  This you do one tooth at a time, re-dipping your applicator after each tooth (it looks like a bottle of nail polish, same applicator too).  The directions say to make sure the gel doesn't get on your lips or gums for at least 20 seconds while it dries...that is easier said than done while painting all your front teeth!  I accidentally painted my lips twice!  It does get very uncomfortable if you leave it sit on your lip, so make sure to get it off ASAP!  Then comes the light...I really enjoyed this part, but I'm weird like that I guess.
You push the button, it beeps, and turns the light on for 2 minutes.  Once your 2 minutes are up, it beeps and turns the light off!  How easy is that?  Be over the sink when you unwrap your lips if you're like me...I drooled all over the place!

The toothpaste is kind of nasty in my opinion...but, if you like the "all natural" kind of toothpastes, you may like this one.  It has an "earthy" flavor mixed in with the minty one it's supposed to have.  I'll continue using it to see if it grows on me, and works to help whiten my teeth (of course)!

Well, that's all I have for now on this subject...stay tuned for an update in a few days though...I have all day Monday and Tuesday morning to go on my "treatment schedule".  Then, I have a day full of doctor's appointments on Tuesday as well (an ultrasound to check on little man, followed by a visit with my OB, then off to the Endocrinologist to go over my blood sugars...oh what fun).

In the meantime, if you just can't wait for me to finish up...head over to Luster's website, here, and use the code LusterBzz to stock up on supplies to whiten your own teeth and get 20% off at the same time!  Also, in their "Special Offers" link, there's coupons too!  The code is only good through September 30th though, so you may want to hurry on that one.

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