Wednesday, September 19, 2012

More Baby Stuff...(Again!)

We are officially in countdown mode!  15 days from today we have our C-Section scheduled!

So, what else would I be doing but finally getting the last few things done in the nursery.  (Pardon the "non-baby" items in the the drill and empty soda can.)  I got curtain hooks up to hold the curtains back when our little man gets old enough to start grabbing at them (they dangle at the edge of the changing table).

I have all of the wall decals put up...though I do still need to get the boat moved from where it is now (not where it's pictured). Again, pardon the mess!

I'm really happy with how the truck and car decals came out...  We're just missing the monogram letter my Mom sent us!  I plan on putting it up sort of between the vehicles.

We have cleaned up a bit since I took these photos, I promise!  The pile of newborn sized clothes is out of the crib, the pack 'n play has been slid into a corner (waiting to go in our room as soon as we get the bed moved a little and for the baby to actually get here, so the cats don't think it's a new bed for them), the blanket on the back of the chair is still there (but will get it at least folded), and the breastfeeding pillow has been taken out of the plastic (washed and now has my other cover on it).

 I even got some sewing done in the last few weeks!  I finished up the nursery/bedroom set I've been working on (with the help of my Mother) by making this pillowcase.  My original plan had been to put the matching fabric squares around the solid blue ones (leftover from the curtain backing and crib sheet), but the sizing wasn't quite right.  So, I pieced together the fabric squares until I was done to the last two squares.  Of course, I didn't have quite enough to reach the entire pillow (a travel pillow), so I cut the remaining solid squares in half, sewed the ends, and then sewed them to the squares.  The pillowcase only has a 1/2-inch trim at the open end, but then I added three snaps to help keep the pillowcase on the pillow and closed.  Normally I make more of a "sham" pillowcase where the opening in centered in the back of the pillowcase, but I really liked how this turned out.
 Another sewing project that I finally got started (and finished in one evening) is a sling!  I basically used the pattern over at Mamma's Milk, but I did change it a little bit.  First, I did not cut my fabric in half length-wise, I left it at the full width of the material and simply hammed the edges together (making a long tube that was 22-inches by the full 2-yard length).  Then, I ironed the seam open and turned the whole tube right side out.  I then ironed it again, this time centering the seam on what would become the interior (or wrong side) of the sling.  By doing it this way, I ended up with a fully-lined (and even reversible in a pinch) sling that is twice as strong as it would have been if I had simply followed the directions, it does use twice as much fabric as the original though, so if you really must have two slings...just follow the directions!  Once I got the material to this point (step 4), I followed the directions as given.  I made this one in the XL size, planning on it being the one Garrick uses (but, I don't think the sizing is quite right and will most likely make one even larger for him to use once the baby is here to really test with).  The directions were really easy to follow (especially if you're familiar with sewing, but simple enough that you really can use this as a "first time" project), right down to the French Hem!  I have the fabric to make two to four more slings, depending on how I end up making them, if I do the same as I did for this one, I can make two slings (a striped one and one with little stars) or I can "mix & match" and line one fabric with the other...Or, I could just follow the directions and make two of each fabric!  But, honestly, do I really need four more slings? 

Not only do I have this one I made, I have also collected a Ring sling, a Snugli-brand sling that I have been able to find almost no information on since I bought it!  It looks just like the one pictured here, just more "well-used"!  It's an Evenflo Pouch Sling, but I don't think they make these anymore...I picked it up for $8 at a local consignment shop.  I have another Snugli-brand carrier, more the "Baby Bjorn" type, but much, much Mother used it when my sister was a baby (26+ years ago)!  It looks like Denim and has gold-colored metal zippers on it and padded shoulders (giant blocks of padding...), this one we're going to use at home only.  Finally, I picked up a dark purple Moby Wrap!  I got the wrap for $15 at Sweet REpeat, my favorite consignment shop!  As you can probably tell, I've gone a little "baby wearing" crazy!

Yet another quick sewing project...this time, wet bags!  I started by making one with a zipper in it, I'm not really thrilled with how it turned out though.  The second bag I just put a button hole in and made a casing.  Then, I ran some 1/8-inch ribbon through it.  To keep the ribbon from getting "lost", I found some really pretty beads.  I got the small metal ones (23 of them) for $2 and the other four beads were a "set" for only $1, both at WalMart.  The fabric for the bags is PUL (PolyUrethane Laminated) fabric, which is a fancy way of saying "waterproof".  There have been some "issues" with this particular brand of PUL fabric (Babyville, available at JoAnn's, Hobby Lobby, etc...), but I have yet to get a "bad batch" that has come de-laminated, so I still like it!  I really love the prints...

We recently got the baby's "coming home" outfit too!  One of Garrick's aunts gave us the perfect outfit!  Now to just get the diaper bag packed.  Speaking of our diaper bag, I finally got one on my last trip to Central Oregon!  I have been really dragging my feet on this purchase, mostly because they are just so danged expensive!  I managed to find a Skip Hop bag at a resale store in Bend for only $6.99!  It looks a little "better used", but is in great working order.  The same bag (in the same color and everything) at, is $58!  The one I picked is is missing the shoulder pad on the strap and didn't come with the changing pad, but that's what receiving blankets are for (right?).

Well, I'm off to continue working on other sewing projects I still have up my sleeves (changing pad covers, more crib sheets, maybe a "backup" diaper bag...)!

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