Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dentyne Split2Fit - A Review

A while back (about a month or so), I received my BzzKit in the mail...it contained two three-packs of Dentyne's new Split2Fit gum and my BzzGuide.  Each package contained three flavors, Peppermint (the blue one pictured), Spearmint (green package, not my favorite), and Arctic Chill (a black package).  It is also available in Spicy Cinnamon and Mint Frost (but, I did not get either of these to sample).

The idea behind the "new" gum is all in the packaging.  First, you get 16 pieces in each package, rather than 12, so you get 33% more gum in each package.  Next, the packaging is meant to be ripped in half, making it two 8-piece packets.  The smaller packaging then fits more easily into a pocket, purse, bra, where ever you may need or want to stuff your gum supply!  The back of each half has a funny little saying on it too.  The Peppermint in my purse says "for your wild side", while the other half said "for your mild side".  Each half also contains the slogan "Practice safe breath" somewhere on the packaging...always good advice!

The only thing I'm not really in love with in the packaging is how easily the little blister packs slide out of the cardboard shell.  When I first opened the three-pack of gums, I happened to be driving during a long car trip.  When I went to figure out how to get the gum out, the other half slid right out and onto the floor under my feet!  Of course, the moral to this story is "don't open packages while driving", but still...I find that I have to sort of bend in the edges of each half to keep the blister pack from sliding out whenever it wants to.

The gum is otherwise unchanged as far as I can tell...honestly though, I have spent more time chewing Extra's dessert flavored gums than I have any of the "minty" brands.  But, that's because I couldn't have things like "Apple Pie" while on a low-carb diet!  As far as fresh breath goes though, I am certain the Dentyne is doing a better job of keeping me "smelling fresh" than those flavors are!

Since I'm in the middle of packing my hospital bag for the birth of our little guy next week, I'm going to throw in the remaining packs of gum I still have to share with visitors and hospital staff (there's always that one person you wish you could stuff a breath mint down their throat)!  I may keep the Arctic Chill just for me though...it's my favorite!

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