Saturday, March 16, 2013

Food Porn...Low Carb Edition!

I love taking photos of food I have created!  Most of these came from recipes (I'll link if I can remember where they came from), some came out of my own little head (I'll share if I can).  Enjoy the food porn!

For recipes from "Candice" on, they are disappearing from her site March 19th at noon, so grab them while you can!  I went through yesterday and saved every one of them as I have found I make them a lot!
Cranberry-Orange Chocolate Chip Muffin in a Minute (MiM), with a little butter on top.
Candice's Coconut Pancakes (made in my Ice Cream Sandwich Maker to look like mini waffles), eggs, & butter mixed with sugar free pancake syrup for dipping!

Chocolate Mousse (I know there's an "official" recipe out there somewhere but I made this up as I went...)

 Chocolate Mousse recipe (for One):

  • 1/2 Avocado
  • 1-2 Tablespoons Cocoa Powder (I used dark chocolate)
  • Sweetener to taste (I used 2 Tablespoons Splenda)

  1. Mash/mix until smooth!

Easy, I know!  I was leery of this one...I mean, I love Avocado and all, but as a dessert?  This one really hit the spot and I couldn't tell it was Avocado at all!
Anise Meringue Cookies (posted here)
Turkey Teriyaki Burgers (page 63, The New Atkins For A New You Cookbook...they call the Chicken Teriyaki Burgers, but I don't have access to pre-ground chicken, so we used Turkey!).  Served on top of Romaine Lettuce with Swiss Cheese, a (liberal) sprinkle of Sesame Seeds, and dressed with Mayonaisse mixed with Low Carb Teriyaki Sauce (recipe to follow)!

  Low Carb Teriyaki Sauce (as copied from a message board that I cannot find now):

  • 1 cup Soy Sauce (Use the Low Sodium stuff!  This is really salty if you don't!)
  • 1 clove Garlic, sliced (I used the pre-minced stuff in a jar to save time and it keeps longer in the fridge than fresh cloves)
  • 1 "thumb sized" piece of Ginger Root, sliced (I actually went out and bought a fresh piece rather than using the pieces I have in my freezer!  It was not the "freshest" piece though and I ended up using the whole 6-inch piece after peeling away all the "bad" parts...use as much of this as you like, I personally love ginger!)
  • 1 cup Splenda (or sweetener of choice)

  1. In a pot, simmer Soy Sauce, Garlic, and Ginger over low heat.  You do not want this to boil hard!  Just a few will get "icky" if it boils hard, so resist the urge to crank it up and get it over with!
  2. Simmer for roughly 20-30 minutes, you want to reduce this sauce to about 1/2 cup so it's nice and thick.
  3. Remove from heat and strain out all the garlic and ginger pieces..
  4. Stir in Sweetener of choice, pour in a jar/bottle and cool!  I was able to fit the whole batch into an old "Better than Bouillon" jar (because I keep almost all glass jars that food comes in...they come in very handy when you make your own sauces and such).
    My new GE 7-qt Slow Cooker!  I am in love!  The crock is non-stick metal and the lid "locks" on!
    The "control panel" for my big pretty!  I'm still trying to learn how to use it though...
    Dana Kim's Kings Ranch Chicken (page 64-64, 300 Low-Carb Slow Cooker Recipes by Dana Carpender) served over Cauli-Rice!
    "Secret Granola" (recipe by Lisa at 24/7 Low Carb Diner). I used White Chocolate DaVonci's because I didn't have any Vanilla!  This photo was before it went into the oven to bake.
    Secret Granola Ready to eat!  This is a 1.5 ounce serving (for 2.85g net carb) sitting in a 1/2 cup ramekin with 1 cup of 0g net carb Almond Milk next to it!  This is plenty filling too...I find I do need to take a little insulin when I eat this though.
    Same serving with approximately 1/3 cup of the Almond Milk poured on top!
    Dinner one night...just a couple of frozen hamburger patties cooked on the Foreman (we use our G5 almost daily), topped with some Cheddar Cheese and served with a little Teriyaki Mayo (see recipe above for Teriyaki Sauce recipe).  Salad on the side topped with Ranch (included Romaine Lettuce, Cucumber, Shredded Cheese, and a Hard Boiled Egg).
    My dessert fix one night when Garrick went and got himself a Blizzard...Ricotta Cheese, sweetened and a few sugar free chocolate chips!

  Dessert Ricotta:

  • 1/4-1/2 cup Ricotta Cheese (I get the Walmart's 2g net carbs per 1/4 cup)
  • 2 Tablespoons Splenda (or sweetener of taste)
  • Dash (or several) Cinnamon
  • Dash (or a few) Nutmeg
  • Dash (to taste) Vanilla
  • 1 Tablespoon Sugar Free Chocolate Chips (I buy Hershey's...the have them at Walmart right in the baking aisle)
  1. With your spoon, mix everything except the chocolate chips until well blended and smooth.
  2. Add chocolate chips and stir in.
  3. Enjoy!  I like to mix it up a bit here too...instead of Splenda and chocolate chips, try 1 Tablespoon low carb Jam (like the Blackberry Chai Jam) and a little Sugar Free Honey!  Just remember to adjust your carb count for this according to what you put in it.
Dinner a few nights ago...2 frozen hamburger patties (cooked on the Foreman again) with Grilled Mushrooms (under the cheese), Smoked Cheddar Cheese (Borden''s a processed cheese, but pretty tasty), a little low carb Teriyaki Sauce on top of the Mushrooms, and all topped with a pile of Grilled Green Onion tops (just the green parts)!  Served with a side of Mayo for dipping and a small salad with Cucumbers, Mushrooms, Shredded Cheese, 1/6 Roma Tomato, and Green Goddess dressing!
Dinner at Shari's last Wednesday...the baby is still too "wiggly" for the high chairs, but doesn't like to sit in the car seat either!  Dad was playing with him, sending the mustard bottle scooting across the table...he was transfixed by it.
Blackberry Chai Seed Jam!  I made a triple batch because those bags of frozen (no sugar added) berries they sell at Walmart are 3 cups of berries and I wanted to get the bag out of my freezer!  I also don't have any liquid sweetener, so for my triple batch, I added 1/2 cup Splenda instead and just stirred it in after turning the stove top off (but left the pot on the burner to help melt the sweetener).
Blackberry Chai Seed Jam!  What wouldn't fit in the jar...
Chocolate Chocolate Chip MiM topped with a little Blackberry Chai Seed were yummy.
Putting my gadgets to work...Dana Kim's Kings Ranch Chicken in the slow cooker, Rice for Garrick in the red Rice Cooker (with the steamer basket full of Cauliflower in the fridge waiting to start cooking nearer to dinner time), and eggs cooking in the Egg Cooker (notice the 6 lovely brown eggs...our girls started laying again)!
Next week, I'll finally have my three-crock slow cooker and will be able to try some "small batch" recipes!  I can't wait!

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