Monday, March 4, 2013

No Moldy Duckies Here!

Okay, so this one isn't a "craft" per se...but, it does require a bit of skill with a glue gun!  Now that Gabriel is really reaching and playing with his toys, it has been a challenge to hold on to him in the bath as he chases after the "water safety" duck (that says "hot" on the bottom and the letters turn white if the bath water is too hot, ours is a Policeman Duck)!  So, time to break out the bath toys!  But wait...they all have these giant holes in the bottom!  Water goes in, but can't get back out...what a design flaw (or ingenious plan to make it so you have to replace them with new ones every few months)!

I saw this idea on Pintrest (which I still have no clue how to use, so if you "follow" me there that's why everything is so jumbled...) or maybe it was on a blog somewhere...I forget, I was like 6 months pregnant and didn't bookmark or "pin it" (because I don't know how to pin stuff...), I apologize to whomever it was that came up with the idea, I can't give them credit!  But here it is anyway...with photos!

What You'll Need...

  • NEW Bath Toys with Holes in them (We have Rubber Duckies) (or totally dry, free of fluids ones)
  • Low Temp Glue Gun
  • Extra Glue for your Glue Gun (I use Multi-Temp Glue)
  • Glasses, Jars, Shot Glasses...anything to hold your toys hole side up

First, gather all bath toys with the stupid silly holes...  All we have right now is rubber duckies and two bath books, we really need to get him a better variety of bath toys!

Now, flip them over!  Hard step, I know...  As it turned out, it was really difficult to do it this way, so don't bother doing this.  Also, don't try to make the filler "flat" against the duck by sticking Aluminum foil to it...all you will succeed in doing is pulling the filler right back out, it's a waste of time and resources, I should know...I tried it first!
Instead, gather up glasses, jam/cheese jars, condiment cups, and/or shot glasses!  Anything that will hold your duckies (or other bath toys) upside down and relatively flat where the hole is.  If it's flat, you'll get a nice, symmetrical fill...if they aren't flat, you get a nice, asymmetric fill.  Now, take your glue gun (pre-heated and ready to go, right?) and squeeze enough glue to fill the hole and leave a little mound of glue above it.  I used two trigger fulls on the bigger duckies and one in the smaller duckies.

Here's a close up of the difference...  The blue ducky was flat, the yellow was not.  I don't think it makes much of a difference, but it might make them float "funny", I haven't taken ours for a test swim yet.

I think it is pretty darned important (and that's why I didn't mention it first...who would do that?) to mention that I used Low Temp Hot Glue!  You don't want to use the High temp could burn/melt your bath toys and really injure yourself if you drip it on you!  The low temp stuff won't kill your toys and if you accidentally get a body part between the ducky and the glue gun (with a string of glue still keeping the two attached), you won't get hurt when said glue hits you too!

Also, if the glue starts pulling away from your toy, just pull it off and apply fresh glue!  Just make sure there's no fluid in your toy.

Now, go glue all your bath toys shut!  I need to go do laundry...

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