Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Help A(the) Kid(s) Out?!

Our oldest nephew in school (who doesn't love going to school in your pajamas?)!
I may or may not have mentioned this before...I meant to, but am not sure if I remembered to...but, my sister put my oldest two nephews into am online public school this past year.  It's not quite like public school and it isn't home school, but a good mix of both "worlds"!  This is their story, please give it a read and "like" it!  They are in a contest to win a Kindle Fire!  The top 10 voted for stories will receive one!

2 Boys No Longer Bullied | What's Your K12 Story?: I decided to make the switch to K12 and ORVA starting this school year because my boys had been being bullied at their school. They were constantly being pointed at as the one who started it. I would...  Read the rest of their story by following the link!
Current and future "home school" kiddos! (Tanner, Wyatt, Gabriel, Riley, & Logan)!

 Not only has it benefited the two going to school, but the next in line (my sister's #3) has already started learning to write and is being included in some of the learning opportunities (science experiments and such)!  Poor Gabriel isn't even 6 months old yet (he'll be 5 months in under a week) and I'm already researching what sort of home-schooling I want him to have!  I don't plan to ever put him in public school...

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