Friday, May 10, 2013

Green Giant Veggie Snack Chips - A Review

Time for another review of a product sent to me by BzzAgent!  This one came around the same time I dropped off the low-carb diet again (I just didn't have a good support system in place and was struggling anyway and then had the issues of going dairy-free for a while on top of that), so I was happy to try these "chips"!  Of course, the Zesty Cheddar ones do have dairy in them, but by the time the box arrived on my doorstep, we had ruled out a milk allergy for the little guy.

I'll start with the Zesty Cheddar flavor since I've already mentioned them.  They are good...shaped a bit like Doritos, but don't expect these to taste like a Nacho Doritos, you will be disappointed!  None the less, they are good and I would probably buy these again if I weren't going back on my diet as soon as possible (next week)!  After several chips, I did notice a "vegetable" taste to them, or rather an after-taste, but I liked them.

The Sweet Potato chips I was really looking forward to!  I had tried a version at my Mother's house that were actual sliced sweet potatoes and they were excellent!  These are not...these are made out of sweet potato (and regular white potato) powder!  They didn't taste like a sweet potato at all either.  I received a full-size bag and several "snack bags" of this flavor.  After trying one of the snack bags (you know, the single serving size you can get out of a vending machine or at Subway type), I took the larger bag in to my hand therapist's office and let them all share it.  The assistant that does a good portion of my therapy treatments told me the bag was gone by the end of the work day!  I also left all of my coupons for this campaign there so they could buy more if they liked them or wanted to try the Zesty Cheddar flavor.

Overall, these were good, but not great.  Fir the price at Walmart ($1.98 for the full size bag), I might buy them for the kids, but at Kroger pricing (almost $5 for the same bag), I'd skip it and get them something better for them anyway.

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