Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Curtains and a Review!

As you may remember, I am a BzzAgent!  This means I get in on "campaigns" to try out new products (or older ones) and help the company advertise by word of mouth (or "word of typing?").  I am in my third campaign now, following StyleFind (great if you have lots of cash and are a size -2) and Bil-Jac dog food (Rosie loves this food, but it is nearly $50 for a 20 pound bag!).  The latest campaign is for Burt's Bees Sensitive facial products!

In my campaign package, I received a full-size bottle of the Daily Moisturizing Cream (morning use only) and the Facial Cleanser.  I'm not the world's best at remembering to put moisturizer on, so I have only used this a few times...mainly because when I do remember to put lotion on my face, it is right before bed (I've recently started using the Winter Solution day and night creams available from AVON).  The facial cleanser is easier to remember, I keep that in the shower next to my Shampoo!

When I first got the opportunity to try this product, I was especially excited because two of my nephews have mild to serious skin issues, as does their father.  I really wanted to get involved in this so that they could try the product!  But, what I have noticed in using it myself is that my skin feels softer!  I don't know that I really "like" either product though...the cleanser is "soap free" and therefore does not lather when you rub it on your is more of a mask and is also just as difficult to wash off!  Luckily, I have a mirror in the shower, otherwise I would come out of the shower with half the cleanser still on my face!

These products claim to "moisturize without redness or irritation"...well, that's mostly true.  While I don't get any "redness" from using this, the first several times I used either product, I got a mild burning sensation on my face!  Not the "oh, get it off!" kind, but it was there...I do not have that sort of reaction normally.  I did mention a while back about my brush with the newest AVON product in their Anew line...the irritation wasn't nearly that bad, but it did make me question whether I would continue use, luckily the burning sensation was completely gone after 3 or 4 uses.

What do I have to offer then?  Well, samples and coupons!  I have little samples of the Day cream (0.10 ounces, enough for 3-5 days of moisturizing, a little goes a very long way!) that also come with a $1 off coupon on them, as well as stand-alone $1 off coupons if you already know and love the Burt's Bees name!  All the products in the Sensitive line run around $15 each...not bad considering how well they work!  I was expecting to go to the store and find that they ran in the $30 range!

If you want to give them a try, let me know and I'll get a sample or a coupon to you!

Now, on to the curtains!  We have lived with the curtains that came with the house for the last 4 years...we finally cracked and went out and bought some of our own "cheap curtains"!  For my other half's office, we got black (his choice).  We were looking for decent and affordable blackout curtains, which we found at Wal-Mart for $9.87 a panel!  Not only that, but they aren't "drag the floor" curtains either!  Since the window in his office is behind his desk, he was constantly kicking the curtains that were there!

For my office (aka the guest bedroom), I went back yesterday and bought a set of Maroon curtains (they match the carpet)...I could have gotten longer ones for in here, but then I'd have to deal with keeping them away from the heating vent under the window.  If and when we ever get around to replacing the carpets, I won't mind replacing the curtains of these don't "match"...for now, they are blocking the light and they also have an "energy smart" coating to help keep some of the heat in the house (or out of the house during hot months).  The bedroom also got a short set of curtains, but the ones in there are a light beige color...I really hate the blue carpet and didn't want to add the blue anywhere else either!  They really do block out the light!  I stumbled around the bedroom early this morning in total blackness!  Normally, there was enough light coming in through the old curtains that I could see my way to where my bras hang behind the door, I ended up grabbing the "too big for me" sports bra this morning!  The house feels cooler to me, but we did just readjust our heating/cooling system to the "cold months" setting, we don't heat the house any higher than 69, but during hot months, we only cool it to 74...that 5 degree difference is really noticeable!

While I was on the curtain isle...I glanced through the kitchen sets.  Here again, we had the curtain (well, the lower one never survived getting washed) that came with the house.  The kitchen is Blue...horrible, horrible color for a kitchen!  Did you know the color blue actually suppresses appetite?  At least that's what "they" any rate, I'm not fond of it, but, the counter tops are blue, so I'm stuck with it.  Finding curtains to look good are a challenge...however, I did manage to find a 3-piece curtain set!  The top valance is a frilly little number with sides that dangle down and the other two "pieces" are the straight cut curtains to go below thew valance.  The picture looked great!  Got it home, tore down the old valance, moved my smallest Avocado tree a little, and put up the valance!  Here's where it gets sad...the wind is so short, that the valance ends a mere 3 to 4 inches above the window sill!  That is with the valance up as high as I can go in the window!  It looks "nice", but I was really hoping for the finished look of the photo!  For now, I am keeping the straight pieces in the package...I don't think they will ever fit together in the window, but should I ever not have plants there...I could switch them out or even use them in the small windows downstairs (assuming I'd rather get new curtain rods down there than find curtains to fit the rods...).

Also of note in that kitchen photo...see that little yellow chick (planter) poking its head up?  That was a gift from my Grandmother to my Mother when I was born (or very near it)!  Isn't he just the cutest?  The other side of the Avocado is an Ivory Bell Pepper I have been trying to get to grow since's surviving, but not growing!  Next to that is my Burning Love Bush...also not growing, but staying green!  The Aloe plants (the 2 that are left) are also not growing, but they aren't dying either...  I have no idea what is up with those plants!  My Avocado trees, all three of them, are doing great!  The one still up in the kitchen really needs to go downstairs, it is outgrowing the window!  I have a larger planter, but still need one more to move the two smaller Avocado trees in to...then I can start planning the next "thing" to go into my little planters!  I'm thinking herbs for the winter, but we shall see...

Now the search begins to find panels to fit the tall, skinny window on the staircase!  I'd really like to replace the mini-blind with an actual curtain...

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