Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Major Catch-up! (Volunteering!)

I haven't been able to do much in the way of volunteering over the past 6 weeks or so...it has been a comedy of errors really!  Starting with tripping over Rosie and doing some pretty serious damage to my knee!  The knee still hurts and I cannot kneel on it at all, but I did go for an x-ray and everything appears "normal".  I did spend 4 days at the fair in the booth, but I know I mentioned all of that earlier...in the past few weeks, I have only been to the shelter once while my Mother was here) and I did go to an off-site event, Bark for Life out off of Highway 195 last weekend.

At the shelter, I met some new awesome pups looking for homes, and got to spend some time with ones I have known for a while now.  Raspberry is one of my favorites, she is such a sweet and smart girl!  Raspberry was adopted the day this photo was taken, but sadly, she was returned this past Saturday because she was guarding the family's older dog (or somehow was not meshing well with the family).  So, she is again looking for her forever home!  I really wish I could bring her home with me!

This handsome boy is Riley!  He was scared by the camera noise on my phone, but was kind enough to sit still for me to take 2 or 3 photos of him before he was too scared to take any more.  I love his spots too!  He is obviously a Dalmatian...  He'll do awesome in a quiet home I think.

Caterina is another lady I met on my trip to the shelter!  I'm not sure on her breed, but to me she looks like a very long-haired version of a German Shepard.  This gal is packing around a wide load too!  Her coat is so fluffy that I honestly don't know if it was just her fur or if she really is that wide in the back!  Another sweet gal though.
At Bark for Life this past weekend, we had a pit bull puppy with us, but he had to stay crated because he had not had all of his shots yet.  One of the younger volunteers (he'll be 18 the end of the year) climbed in with Mako to keep him company!  It was a very windy day and Mako happily curled up in a blanket in his lap for a cuddle and a nap!  Mako is 4 months old and available for adoption (assuming he didn't get adopted over the weekend)!

We had lots of volunteers at Bark for Life, 9 of us showed up! So, 2 of the volunteers went and picked up a couple more dogs, one of which was Stylz!  Stylz is a pit/bull dog mix and 100% cool dog!  He was so happy to be outside with us!  Who could resist that grin?!?  He does have an attitude, but it is part of what makes him so lovable!  He knows me because I have taken him on walks before...if I try to walk past his kennel, even if I've taken hoim out that day, I get this look from him like I've hurt his feelings somehow!  He's another dog that I would love to just bring home to stay!  Stylz has been at the shelter since June, adopted out twice and returned twice...he does have a skin condition and needs to be on meds for the rest of his life for it, that is why the top of his nose is so red...and as I mentioned, he does have a bit of a 'tude.  That being said though, I think he'd be perfect in a house where his "person" was home with him...he doesn't like to be left alone!  I don't either...so I can't blame him!

When we were packing up the dogs and all the "stuff" at the end of Bark for Life, we had extra dogs that needed rides back to the shelter.  Other volunteers took Stylz, Tovan, and Mako in their vehicles.  When it was down to loading a hound/black lab mix into the truck, Hank refused to go anywhere near the driver!  So, since I live close to the shelter anyway, I volunteered to drive Hank back.  Hank is an 11 month old, very pretty boy!  When we got to the car (the other half's SUV), he got his front legs in and then sort of stopped...Hank finally climbed all the way into the back seat and as soon as I shut the door, he melted into the seat, resting his head on the center console (between the back seats) and promptly fell asleep!  Hank slept all the way back to the shelter too!  What an awesome car dog!  I had a dog when I was 17/18 that used to curl up on the floor of a pickup I had and go to sleep during the drive too...  When we got to the shelter, Hank fell out when I opened the back door!  He was still laying on the door!

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