Sunday, November 25, 2012

Green Mountain Coffee - A Review

Another BzzCampaign is coming to a close, this time it's Green Mountain Coffee Fair Trade.  I received 3 single serving packets of this coffee to try out and so far, I have only managed to choke down one packet.  Normally, I can drink anything if it's coffee, but this one...maybe it's the "new mom" hormones I have going on now, but I just could not finish the pot (yes, I usually drink coffee by the pot)!

It really isn't "bad" coffee, but if you normally drink a more expensive brew, you won't care for the flavor of this one.  My "go to" coffee brand is Folgers, I think of this as a "mid-grade brew", for the price, it's pretty decent.  My favorite brews though are Gevalia, the online/by mail stuff, I haven't tried their "for sale in the grocery store" stuff yet...the mail order stuff is all very finely ground for use in an espresso machine (or you can buy most flavors whole bean and grind yourself)...I love their dark roasts, but back to this brew!

To me though, it tastes like the swill you get at Les Schwab (tire store for anyone not located in the Pacific Northwest) while you know the stuff, it's been sitting there for hours, sometimes days...and the pot hasn't been washed in months if at all this year!  I worked in a gas station with a mechanic's shop attached to it when I was in high school (my Dad was the mechanic, so I spent my fair share of time there even when I wasn't working), this coffee brought back memories of choking down the coffee we always had going in our "break room" (the walkway between gas station and machine shop)!

There are good points about GMC too, first, they sent me free coffee!  GMC is also a Fair Trade Certified coffee.  What does that mean?  They help the farmers get a fair price for the beans (I'm sure Folgers undercuts when/where they can to cut costs), they help to improve working conditions (I'm guessing they mean politically...I don't think they can control the weather), they support community development (new schools, roads, health clinics, safer drinking water...) in the communities of the farmers.  Healthier growers and better working conditions mean "safer" beans for us, right?

I mentioned earlier that I received three packages of coffee, I still have two of them...I may keep these for an "emergency" when I'm out of coffee (I have a large container of Folgers Black Silk, another of Folgers Decaf, half a package of Gevalia Royal Vinter Spice, two more packages, 1 lb each, of Gevalia, and half a box of Gevalia "pods" in the cupboard)...but more than likely, I'll give these away to my coffee drinking "people"!  I also have 10 coupons that came with my BzzCampaign package...$1 off anyone willing to give the Fair Trade Coffee a try, just send me an email with your name and address and I'll get one in the mail ASAP!  They are only good until 12/31/2012, so act fast!

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