Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Kitty, Kitty, Kitty!

Cliff got adopted (or so thinks the volunteer I spoke with)!  WOOT!!!

Another adoptable kitty!  This is "Dibby", she has some specifics that are probably making her harder to get adopted, but I know there's a home out there for her somewhere!  First off, she's an older gal...11 years old.  Not that 11 year old cats are less active...our Dark Brown kitty, "Frappy", is nearly 12 years old!  And she is still a very active cat, she actually moves around more than our 5-6 year old cat does!  "Dibby" likes kids, or she tolerates them at any rate, but I would bring any child that would be living in the house to meet the cat prior to adopting it (sometimes they just don't like someone)!  According to the paperwork, she needs to be in a home without any other pets (I'm talking dogs and cats here) if you have these, keep looking!  She's also declawed.  Up onto my soapbox...  This is not something I ever suggest doing to a cat!  If you truly think they "need" to be declawed, go have the procedure done to yourself don't "need" your finger above the center bone in each one...  But, "Dibby" has already been put through the she may be a good fit if someone cares more about a piece of furniture...  Off my soapbox now...  One thing that's a little "off" about "Dibby"...she has a cloudy eye that the volunteer I spoke with believed was a cataract.  She may not see out that eye very well, but she still gets around.

I really like her coloring...but then again, I have a grey and white kitty at home, so maybe I'm just a sucker for the pattern, lol!

Speaking of my kitty..."Baby" finally decided he could chill out with my nephew and not need to worry so much about getting pounced on by him!  Of course, he decided this halfway through the day before they had to go home...  I went into my bedroom to find them sitting together with my nephew "petting" him with his foot while he played with the Nintendo DS!  My nephew was so happy that the cat "wasn't afraid of him" anymore!  "Baby" just has enough experience with kids that aren't so nice to run and hide from all of them...he has just recently stopped hiding under the bed every time the doorbell rings or someone knocks on the door!

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  1. I submitted an application with Spokanimal on Monday night (maybe it was Tuesday night) and am waiting to hear back from them...the only thing I can't do at the moment is foster (per my other half)...I really like fostering though! They asked how many hours I could "work"...I said 40, if I'm going to do it, I might as well go whole hog, right?