Saturday, June 18, 2011

Welcome #8!

I find it completely fascinating that anyone outside (and maybe even inside) my immediate family is interested in what I think I need to put on paper, or in this case, on the Internet!  But, I do thank you for even being interested! 

I still can't reply to comments or make any on anyone else's, first things replies to the last post's comments!

Juise - My girls are currently living in my Laundry room...but it does double-duty as the bathroom downstairs, at least that is where someone in the last 37 or so years decided to drop toilet #3 (the house was built in 1973, the bathroom/laundry was moved to it's current location sometime after that.  I wondered what everyone was talking about when I first got my girls as chicks...dust?  What dust?  I now know what dust!  Everything in that room is covered in a thick layer of yellowish grime!  The plan this morning had been to go outside and build the door (before the rain gets here this afternoon) and get the girls outside, but as fate seems to think they need to stay inside, my other half is currently sitting in urgent care waiting to see a doctor and I'm here talking to you!  (More on this in a bit.)

As soon as we get the door done and I know how much "leftover" wire mesh I have, I'll build the girls a tractor of sorts.  I have lots of leftover "culled lumber" from my rampage at Home Depot, including several pieces of 4' long pressure-treated 2x4's that I plan on building with...maybe while my nephew is here!  What a great project to tackle with a "boy"!  Any child would do...I loved that kind of stuff when I was his age...  What I want to build is basically a rectangular box with a hinged lid...or more likely, a rectangular triangle, lol...tepee style so I don't have  to make a level top.

Tikktok - So sorry your older girls are still picking!  From what I've read though, you really need to keep the injured bird out until she/he is fully healed, any sign of weakness will actually attract the others, kind of like a "kick me" sign in school!  One of these days I'm sure I'll need to get some Blue kote...glad to know there's someone "out there" that knows how to get it off!  I may have to email you!  As for temps, I'd almost trade you!  Our high temp today is supposed to be 64...2 weeks to the 4th of July and we haven't even seen an 80 degree day yet!  Fairbanks Alaska has had 5 days over 80!  How fair is that?!?

And musings for today...

Of course, as soon as I say "yeah, 7 of you!"  Someone else decides to follow me, lol.  So welcome #8!

While I may not be a really talented "crafty person", I do try...I followed a link from some page (I have about 15 blogs I follow now, lol) to ArtMind, they have a "how to" on making your own sidewalk chalk!  I then followed a link from there to this YouTube's an "artsy" piece, but really fascinating!  It's 15 minutes long, but what a good waste of 1/4 of an hour!  They are making porcelain sunflowers!  How cool would a small bowl of these look sitting on a side table in my living room?  (Not that I have any sort of decor up anywhere...)
My plans for finishing the coop this morning have fallen through (again).  Last night my other half was complaining about pain in his foot, this isn't really unusual, but this morning he said he had to get up because the weight of the blanket was making it hurt even more!  He also couldn't put his shoes on this morning because of the pain.  So, he went off to the Urgent Care (about a mile away) to have it looked at.  I haven't heard from him yet, but we expect it is a Uric Acid build up in the joint and should be remedied with a round of a prescription.  Needless to say, if he can't put his shoe on, he won't be working with power (or manual) tools today!  So, it appears the door to the run will have to wait at least one more day...I really want to get the girls outside!  Grr!  Yes, I know there are many tools I could use to help me cut a straight line...someone told me to use a sharpie, draw a line, and follow it...yeah, they obviously didn't read the whole forum post, lol.  I have marked lines...if I am lucky enough to get the top (where the line is) to cut on the line, the under side goes all catty whompus!  My other half made an exasperated "Didn't you take wood shop in school?" the other day.  Yep, sure did!  I really liked my teacher too....for the one week we had him...  He had demons he just couldn't face anymore (war vet and I'm assuming other things) and he took his life one week into the term.  His replacement was not a wood shop instructor and since he didn't know how to do anything, we didn't get to do anything either.  While everyone else got to make cutting boards, chairs, tables, all sorts of other "cool" class got to sit and stare longingly at the drill press, band saw, and all those other fun tools!  We had 9-week "core" classes and they found a better replacement after the first 9-weeks.  So, no...I guess I really didn't have wood shop....boy do I wish I had though!

the photos today have all been sent to me by family members!  I may want to tell them I have pasted them up here...

Nephew #1 (hmm, maybe I should call him Nephew "A", this is the other side of the family)...he's potty training at the moment and was enjoying a leisurely "sit" on the throne...mag in hand and loving life!  I did crop the photo down...but we got this one via text that said something to the effect of "Just like his Dad!"  as he was sitting there leafing through a magazine that may need hiding when he's old enough to realize what hes looking at!
Next up, my sister!  She should know I'd paste her up here eventually...I'm good at smearing her photos around, lol!  She sent me this head shot when I asked for "shoulders up" of everyone at their house.  Everyone else's "head shots" looked like dog poo...but this is what she sent of herself...
Of course...then there's the comparison "belly shot" that my Mother sent me...  There has been much talk about the "not so little family "secret" going on between the two of us, which I am almost certain has filtered back down to my sister (my Mom isn't good at keeping secrets, lol).  So, I am supposed to be able to tell from this photo that she is "huge" at 14 weeks pregnant from this...I don't know, maybe...we all find out in 11 days though!  I even googled photos of other women who knew they were "seeing double", but since typically it is the skinny women who plaster themselves all over the Internet, it was nearly impossible for me to find a true comparison shot!  What do you think?  I really should start a betting pool....lots of variables though!  I know I can post a poll feature...I may do that!  Poll is located on the right side of the oage, under my followers!  I'll leave this open until the evening of June 29th (her ultrasound appointment is in the morning on the 30th)!  I'll let you know the results as soon as she lets me!
In even more current events...our oldest nephew (the one I call #1) is coming for his visit!  I fly to Portland, OR Monday morning!  At 6 am...  The plan for the day is to go get breakfast (see what I can scarf on at the hotel...they get free breakfast!) and then when OMSI opens, go buy a family plus membership for my Mother and I to share! go to membership window and pick up our temporary cards, and spend the day, or part of it anyway, enjoying all that OMSI offers!  Then, late in the evening, Nephew #1 and I will head back to the airport for his first airplane ride!  He'll be staying with us for 3 weeks!  This is a highlight in both of our summers and we've been doing it since we moved to Spokane, the year he turned 3!   He'll be 7 in how time flies!  The photo if him was taken a while ago, when he lost his front teeth!  There will probably be lots of photos of him going up in the next month...I usually take lots of photos while he's here to share with the rest of the family.


  1. Test post...I've moved to the "dark side" and installed Firefox! Hopefully this will have solved my posting issues!

  2. You should be able to get over to any other blog (mine, for example, is and post a comment. I have my comments set that anyone can comment, but I have to approve those that are commenting for the first time. I don't know why IE (which is what I use most of the time) would prevent you from making a comment. Blogger comments seem to take a lot longer for me and have to be tried several times to get it to go.That was one reason I went with WordPress instead of Blogger.(plus, I've used WP on sites as well and it integrates well) Fwiw, ymmv.

    And, fwiw, I don't even want our weather! At least two weeks now with 100 plus temps- Thursday was 108, and there is no relief in site until mid week, when it will dip down into the upper 90s. No rain, either, and high wind which means things are on fire.

    To the picking- chickens of all ages will pick if there is something interesting (like Blu Kote, lol). I don't know about yours, but mine have always picked stuff off of each other's beaks and feathers, too. And anything that looks remotely like blood will get everyone interested. Don't let them get hungry, either, lol.

    At this point, she is in with the others (and has been for over 2 weeks since the original injury) at night with no problems and out in the pm for free ranging. A few more days (when the Blu Kote has mostly worn off) and we're going to try her back out with the others in the morning and see if she can go all day without incident.

    Anyhow. Back at it to make sure everyone is keeping cool outside.... :)

  3. There's a whole list of things to try in the "Why won't Blogger keep me logged in" under help, lol. Then, it says "if all else fails, use Firefox"! My other half has been trying to get me to switch over for a very long time, so I just gave in and made the switch. And, I can comment again! It was something to do with the way IE9 saved cookies...

    We also run a more adult blog over at WP, but I prefer the layout here, lol. To each his/her own I suppose. ;)

    Well, he got his shoes on finally, so we are out working on the coop this afternoon! Came in for lunch...see yall later!