Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Dog LOVES It!

So, here it is...a review of the Bil-Jac Dog Food that Rosie has been taste testing for me!  At around $17 for the 6-pound bag, this is one spendy dog food!  Especially since it looks more like Rabbit or Chicken feed!

My dog, who just turned 10 years old, has always been a fussy eater.  She has also had a very sensitive digestive system!  As a puppy, the only thing she could keep down was boiled hamburger and white rice, even a little salt or pepper meant big trouble.  So, as the years have gone by, we have always had to try to balance what she could eat with what we can afford, not always an easy thing to do!

The price of Bil-Jac dog food really saddens me, it is nearly twice the price of the food she was eating before getting the opportunity to try Bil-Jac!  We have been discussing making this a permanent switch for her diet, as she has been doing very well on this food.  Our minds were made up for us the other day after giving her the “Two Bowl Challenge”!  While she did end up eating both bowls of food (half a scoop of each kind), her overwhelming choice was Bil-Jac!  She barely gave a sniff to her old “favorite” food until she had licked the bowl of Bil-Jac clean!  However, the addition of the old food meant she spent the day begging to go outside due to stomach “troubles”…poor old girl!  As we used the last full serving of the bag of Bil-Jac this morning, I am on my way back to the store to purchase another bag of Bil-Jac!  The dog obviously prefers it and I honestly don’t want to put her through the trauma of digestive stress again! 

It may be worth mentioning that they were out of the senior formula when we went to get our trial bag, so we got her a bag of the sensitive formula.  The next bag will be the senior formula, but we will go back to the sensitive if the senior causes any issues.

For now anyway, Rosie will be munching on Bil-Jac...until we can't afford it any more.  I really hope this stuff goes on sale soon though!  My plans for today are to go buy her the next size up bag (17 to 20 pounds)...it runs around $23 for that size though!  If anyone else has a finicky dog food eater, I do have coupons to share!  For now...I will be keeping a close eye out for this to go on sale (and buy in bulk if/when it does)!

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