Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Has it really been that long?!

Oof!  I suppose it has been a busy week for me...

Let's see...the Spokane Interstate Fair started last Friday.  I was called in to cover a shift that evening.  What I learned from that shift was that all of my capri length pants are too big!  That includes the pair I bought in May...I have hardly even worn them!  So, on my "to do" list before my shift on Tuesday was a little shopping!  I ended up at Dress barn (I hate the name of that store by the way...) where I was lucky enough to find some really nice "dress" capris!  Not only that, but since "short pants" weather is technically behind us half-way through September, they were on clearance for 50% off!  Sadly, they only had one pair in my (new) size, or I would have bought more!  The sale price made them $15 each.  As for my size, I have gone down another size!  Since October 7, 2010 I have gone from a size 28 (yikes!) to a 20!  Go me!  Ha!

I was also called Monday to find out if I could work at the fair, but I hadn't got my shopping done yet, so I didn't go Monday morning...I went and bought the above mentioned pants, a pretty new shirt, and another pair of shoes.  This is my third pair this summer!  I "popped" the toning ones with their air-filled medicine ball type design after only 3 weeks and the pair of Airwalks I bought to replace them seriously hurt my feet!  I got another pair of "toning" shoes, but these have a solid rubber sole, no air pockets to pop!

Yesterday was my day as a "dog promoter" at the fair...Spokanimal brought a puppy to the fair!  Way too little in my, oh so humble, opinion...he's only 3 months old and hasn't had all of his shots.  All of the cats and the puppy were on antibotics idea why though.

Today I am running the prize wheel!  Come win a prize (if we have any...we ran out yesterday morning)!  Then it's off to spend quality time with my other half before we go see the Weird Al concert tonight!!!

News from the home front...we got our coupon to start Rosie on a new dog food from BzzAgent!  Awesome program where you get stuff to try/test out and then give your (or in this case my) honest opinion about it!  Right now I am participating in two for a clothing website, which I will discuss later, and the second is for Bil-Jac dog food.

There was no need to "transition her to the new food, just opened the bag and started feeding.  As a picky-ish eater of dog food (she'll eat everything else without stopping to taste it), I was a little surprised when she scarfed this down!  She is absolutely in love with the new food!  It looks like pellet feed for rabbits or chickens...but she likes it.

I'm a bit rushed this morning, so more on that later too!  Have an awesome Wednesday!

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