Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Happy Tuesday!

I hope everyone fared the holiday weekend as well as we did!

We spent several hours at Pig Out in the Park on Sunday afternoon, that was fun...even if we did both end up cheating on the diet!  I had a few bites of a hoagie roll in the process of figuring out just how to eat the Bacon-Wrapped Polish Dog I got, the other half ate a foot-long corn dog, and we split a giant Elephant ear with a friend.  Then, we skipped dinner, lol.  Not that skipping a meal is anything new to me...lately it has been a challenge to get any food in at all, I am just not hungry!  I suspect the big fibroid has either shifted again or is still gaining size and has pushed itself up to where it is blocking or pushing into my stomach.

Other then Sunday afternoon, it has been a fairly uneventful long weekend. We went to visit the other half's parents for a while on Saturday.

Today though, today has been a busy one!  I had a doctor's appointment with my Endocrinologist today.  Everything is going along smoothly as far as the Diabetes goes...my HbA1C is, according to her, still 7.1%.  By my estimate (based on readings I have taken), it should have been down below 7.0, but I guess that tells me something about where my blood sugars are while I'm not testing too...  My weight is down another 6 pounds from seeing her 3 months ago, but up almost 10 pounds from my visit to the GYN a few weeks ago.  He had a better scale that I suspect is calibrated to subtract a few to account for clothes and shoes...it very nearly matched my bathroom scale the morning I was in his office!  I forgot to have blood work done, again...I really wish they would call to remind me to do that or schedule it!

I got to talk to her briefly about my concerns about my diet and being hospitalized.  Her suggestion was to order sandwich-like items for my meals and just not eat the bread or have my counterparts sneak food into me!  I like my Endo...ha!  She also suggested that I keep control over my insulin and testing since I won't be eating what they think I should be eating (the bread on that sandwich that is going to go in the trash can...that would be a lot of insulin accounted for that I ever actually eat).  She loved the idea of my packing a case of Atkins shakes in for my meals (until I can eat solid food again)...I still don't know exactly what type of surgery or when it will take place, so at this point it's all guess work.  My appointment with the surgeon isn't for another 2 weeks!

My other half talked to his college advisor today and found out that he did in deed get accepted to start classes in a Master's program on the first of October!  Also, the pool league season starts tomorrow, so my Wednesday evenings will be "lonely" once again while he is out playing pool.

In the "great outdoors" that is my backyard today, I went to check on my Sunflowers only to find that all but one had been beheaded!  The darned squirrels (or kids next door, some look to have been cut with scissors) stole all my sunflowers I was growing for the chickens!  Since there was only one left, I went ahead and topped it and brought it in the house to bake and get the seeds out for the girls...maybe a few for the humans too.  You'd think a "mammoth sunflower" would produce a head larger than the palm of your hand...but mine did not.

The chickens almost deserve their own post today!  I posted last week that I had gotten the new feeder up and they were loving the life of never running out of feed.  I didn't expect for my water nipples to be here before Friday of this week, but they arrived in the mail on Saturday of last week! 

So, I quickly put my other half to work digging out a 5-gallon pickle bucket, complete with lid, and set to work drilling holes in it.  Originally I was only going to put one hole, but that was when I thought I had a 2-gallon bucket, the 5-gallon just looked lonely with only one nipple.Once it was put together (and cleaned, I forgot to clean the bucket, I was so excited) and filled part way with water, I popped a lid on it and we went outside to hang it from holes they drilled and installed big hooks into earlier in the day.  It took the girls about 10 seconds after I sort of showed them that water came out of it to actually brave walking under that big scary white bucket to try it out!  I have yet to find anything my girls won't try or don't like!

Earlier in the day on Saturday, we also cleaned out the coop for the first time.  The pine shavings were probably close to a 75/25 mix with poo in the coop since I don't have a poop board and don't scoop it.  It hasn't been an issue, but cleaning it was something that has been on my mind for a while now, but had to wait until I bought another bale of shavings.  This time we got the big shavings (the first one was a coupon and I didn't have a choice)!  They completely ignore the big ones while they used to go in the coop to snack on the little ones!  I am very impressed!

The girls also had a visitor on Sunday morning!  Coopkit from BYC came over with his family to check things out.  Even though Clyde got out in the yard, it was a nice visit.  I love getting to talk chickens with people that know some of what they are talking about!  He emailed me Sunday evening (maybe Monday morning) to let me know they had ordered their chickens and were getting them the first part of October.  Good luck to him, his family, and his little chicks when they hatch!

Monday was pretty uneventful, but today...today was an exciting day in the chicken-y world of my backyard!  Clyde laid her first egg!  She has been testing out the nest boxes for weeks with no results.  I had just about decided that Clyde was the sneakiest rooster on the planet, she is the quietest of all my chickens and, as I mentioned, been spending more and more time hanging out in the nest boxes.  I also could have sworn I saw a fertilized egg a few weeks ago!  But, not a sneaky rooster and she has finally decided to start contributing to breakfast! 

Her egg was "dirty", the first one I have seen come out of the coop intact that was dirty in fact!  But, I know she has been pooing in the nest box on her visits recently, so hopefully we can discourage the pooing and go back to having 3 clean eggs!  I need to get a bale of Timothy Hay (or any kind really, I just like the way Timothy smells and looks.  Then, I can set her up in her own nest box and she won't have to deal with the "wraith of Gerty" anymore when she gets caught in "Gerty's" nest box!  Clyde doesn't like Henri's box either...she played in it once or twice and hasn't gone near it since!  I have a large-ish box from Costco that was full of Turkey Burgers with one side cut out...I am going to toss that in for Clyde.  It is a really good thing I built the coop more than double the size I need!  I am going to have to look at redoing the roost if I need to put much else in there!

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