Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Fibroid...

We met with the surgeon who will be performing the surgery to remove my giant fibroid this morning.  Rather than the "large crochet thread ball" size I had been told it is more then size of a Volleyball!  Having just met the man, he told me I "must be anemic" because I'm so pale and because of the amount of bleeding I have during a "normal to me" period.  I really am ghostly pale, but I have always been that way, so who knows!  I do know that when I have given blood, they always check for anemia...I've always passed that test, but it has been roughly 5 years since I gave blood last.  Also, he told me I "look and feel" 5-months pregnant due to the fibroid.  If this is what I would look like half way through a pregnancy...I really don't get what all the complaining is about!  As for the feeling part, I haven't felt this good (other than the gut pain) in several years!  He did mention that once I have the surgery, I will "instantly" look much thinner.  So, I'm going to hold off on buying any new pants this week, lol.

At any rate, he recommends (and we agree) that doing the whole operation through the robotics is best.  We're even going to get a DVD of the surgery!  The robotic tool is fascinating to both myself and my other half.  The huge upside to doing it this way is the amount of cutting that they won't have to do!  In this special that the local news did a while ago (I'd say a few years as that newscaster looks much older now), it gives a fairly good look at everything involved.  A tour of the robotics and how they use them can be found from about 5:10 to 8:15, though they do go on in greater detail past that too.

And, we are back to the waiting game!  Since I'll be out of town tomorrow, his nurse will be calling me on Tuesday or Wednesday next week to schedule my surgery.  If I have any sort of hospital stay at all, it should only be overnight and then back to "life" the next day!  He told me I could go mow the yard the day after the surgery with no ill effects, lol.  I won't be mowing the yard though...we hire someone else to do that!

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