Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Another Thing to Bzz About!

I am also participating in another campaign...this one is for a shopping website, Style Find!  This is run (or maybe based on) In Style magazine.

$600 at Saks 5th Ave!
I can't afford anything on this site though!  I have really given it a thorough "go through" too!  I did find a make up brush for $15...but, I don't wear make up for more reasons than I care to disclose, so that doesn't really help me much!  I did find an item (several actually) that had a list price of $0.00 and $0.01!  Of course, when I "shop it", it took me to the company selling it and wanted $600 for it!  The "it" in question was a bottle of perfume...  It's a pretty bottle, but nothing "smelly" should cost $600!

Obviously (or not maybe?), I was not impressed by this site or any of the items I found on it!  I did get a little excited by the "deals & coupons" tabs, but that was due to the promise of free samples that were really only "free" if you spent more than my weekly food budget on something.

Well, all that being said...go check it out for yourself!  Sign up at Style Find and give it a go if you like to look at "pretty" things!

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