Monday, September 19, 2011

Week in Catch-Up! (Includes Weird Al pics)

Wednesday was a very long day for me!  I arrived at the fairgrounds just before 9am to help set up the booth for Spokane Humane Society, SCRAPS, Spokanimal, & Pet Savers (they share one booth each year).  The "night shift" from the evening before left a complete mess!  I was glad I arrived early to help!  We had to scrub (really gross) cat litter pans, pick up garbage from under the tables (scattered cat food, litter, junk knocked off the tables, etc...), reorganize things that had just been left out, and being the organizer I am...I organized the prize bins!  Petco provided items for the prize wheel.

(Okay, I started this on Saturday morning and then...I got side tracked!  Obviously, I didn't get too far but please bare in mind that the thought train above left the station 3 days ago!)

Back to my busy Wednesday though!  After 1pm, my replacements showed up and I left the fair to meet my other half in the parking lot.  He was nice enough to have picked up lunch for us!  (McDonald's)  After a break, oh it felt good to be off my feet, we returned to the fair to enjoy all the sights and sounds until early evening (we had tickets to see Weird Al).  Knowing my other half isn't fond of the barns, I had gone the day before to try and get my fill.  However, the horses were all gone!  They run things differently here than they do where I grew up...of course, the fair here is also 10 days long!  Anyway, he had to suffer walking aroung the horse barn with me while I got to pet the pretty ponies!  Okay...not ponies...Morgan's, an adorable 2 year old Dapple Palomino (She was so cute!  She was that light orange color with white spots all over!), and a few other breeds...they really segregate the horses...there was only about 10% of the barns being used!  As a teen my Grandmother took us to a fair on the other side of Washington (over by Portland...Battle Ground maybe?), they had huge barns!  They had one entire horse barn devoted to the Clydesdale's!  Beautiful creatures!  Gigantic, but beautiful!  I love going to see the horses, it reminds me of when I was a little girl and we had horses (we moved the summer I turned 8, so we're talking little girl), I miss having them!  They won't fit in my backyard now though...

I did get to see the chickens on Tuesday...there weren't any on Wednesday because they were "changing out" the youth group with the adult group and Wednesday was "cleanup" day between the two.  I never really knew how small bantams and the Seremas really were!  I was thinking my girls were tiny until Tuesday!  I swear you could fit the full-grown rooster I saw inside a large coffee mug and still have room leftover!  I borrowed the above image from Six Feathers Seremas.  I don't see any updates there since 2006, but the photos are sure pretty!  I, of course, want Seremas now...but I'd have to redo my whole run or they could just walk right out of it!

We had a lot of fun wandering around the rest of the fair...we sampled and then purchased meat sticks and meat Nuggets from Mill Lane Smokehouse, these were super tasty, even if they did have to keep them cold due to health code stuffs!  I think I know where "someone" is getting a birthday gift from (maybe...)!  We got Hawaiian Nuggets (does contain Brown Sugar and Pineapple Juice, but the Nutritional info claims only 1g carb per 3 Nuggets) and Teriyaki Snack Sticks (1g carb per stick).  Not bad for a snack every now and then!  The nuggets were $4, sadly not available for online purchase...I'll be emailing the company when I get ready to order to see if I can get more of those!  It's only $3 for the sticks (for a 1/4 pound bag, 5 sticks)!  When I order, I'll be getting the 1 pound bag for $10 though...I just didn't want to pack that much meat around the fair!

Free is always my favorite price!  So, I love gathering up samples and getting the other "freebies" while at the fair.  Sadly, we didn't win the train set though.  I did manage to get one (out of 5 booths) free mini massage though!  You know the booths...the Chiropractic places set them up to tell you have are all out of whack.  Well, apparently, I am very out of whack this year!  The guy was amazing, I felt 100 times better after a 5 minute "poke and prod" while he found all the spots where things are out of line with my spine.  I have ribs poking out where they shouldn't (subluxation[ed]) as well as my lower back.  I also (apparently) have one hip poking forward while the other is locked in a backward and up position.  I believe my insurance covers chiropractic stuff (still need to call and double check), if they do, I will certainly be making an appointment!  I mentioned above that there were 5 booths like this one this year, my goal had been to go to every one of them, but the other 4 were unmanned with "back in 10 minutes" signs every time I passed!  So, Inland Family Chiropractic gets my vote by simply "being there"!  They're out in the Valley, but that is like saying "they're across town"...not a huge deal.

We also stopped by the Tupperware booth this year.  I made the "mistake" (I read the question wrong) and marked that I would be interested in selling Tupperware online.  So, I got signed up for a phone call...  I actually like the gal I talked to (at the fair and on the phone) and found out she and I are pretty similar (from things she said, not things I volunteered)!  I really wish Tupperware was a little cheaper!  The "starter kit" to start selling is $80 for the "little set" and $120 for the "big kit"!  The only difference is number of pieces of Tupperware you get.  With my other half starting his Master's degree (he starts Oct 1st), that isn't something we can really afford to do right now!  Then there is the whole "none of my friends can afford anything from the catalogs" thing.  So...would anyone be interested in buying Tupperware online or at a party?  I am going to keep in touch with the rep I talked to, if I can get enough people interested in attending a party (and hopefully buying something), I can actually earn enough to pay for the kit!  (I would need to sell almost $600 worth of stuff at a party...)  I am more than willing to host a party!  Heck, I'll even help "you" host one if it is something that would interest your friends!  (I'll even clean my house and cook!)  Here is the catalog (assuming the link works) for the current month, possibly half month...things get spendy fast, but there are some items that are "affordable".  I personally love the classics line!  It's the stuff my Mom had in the late 1960's and 1970's!  I still have a few of those pieces in my kitchen, so they definitely last longer than the Ziploc or Glad pieces!

After all the activity at the was time to see Weird Al!  My lovely other half was able to snag Golden Circle tickets this year!  Not only that, but they were front row center seats!  Okay, seats 4 and 5, but close enough to dead center!  The above were all taken about an hour before the concert other half loves being the first one in line!  See my pretty new shirt?  He keeps telling me it looks like a wedding dress...I haven't had the heart to tell him dresses are much, much longer than that shirt!  It's a size 2XL!  Down a size, woot!  Those are my new pants too...size 20!  Down from a 28 last October!  But, back to the real fun...

"Smells like Nirvana"!  The washed out figure just below that blue light is Weird Al dressed like the lead singer of Nirvana...during this song, he gargles water while he sings part of it.  He was nice enough to swallow what was in his mouth, but the leftovers in the cup...well, I got to wear part of it as he threw the contents of the cup!  Nothing like a bottled water shower!

During "Wanna B Ur Lovr", he came done into the audience and sang to various women as he trekked back to about the 15th row..on the way back, he made a stop off at the front row and sang a verse to yours truly!  That shadow on his hip is my other half's head and this was moments before he did a hip thrust at me (from 6 inches or so away...)!  It was a blast, even if the song, and outfit are a bit creepy, lol!  Side note...he has a very hairy chest!  (This is kind of like meeting him, right?)

Another "benefit" of front row seating...the streamer cannons!  I forget which song they were part of, but they have 2 sets of cannons that blast red and white streamers out at the end of a song.  It was like they aimed them at us!  I was literally covered with the streamers!  I had to untangle myself from them as the show continued on.

The evening was finished off with a performance of "The Saga Begins", a Star Wars parody of American Pie, complete with Vader, stormtroopers, and those little dudes with glowy eyes!
What goes better with that song, but "Yoda"?!  Yep, he did that one too!  He also did "White & Nerdy" and "Amish Paradise", two of my absolute favorite Weird Al songs!  Interesting point of fact, the piano payer, the guitar player, and the bass player from this video are still with him.  I don't know about the drummer...I didn't get a good look at him!  I believe though, that they are all still original band members...pretty significant really since he's been performing for so many years!

This concert is part of the new tour for the new album, so they performed several of the new songs as well, including the parody of "Born this Way", the costume were hilarious (Weird Al was in a giant Peacock costume)!  In this video from a June concert Weird Al is the only one in his our concert, the drummer was in a nun's habit with caution tape wrapped around him, the guitarist was wearing a cheese head and had a Swiss cheese jacket, the keyboard(er?) was wearing a bee's nest on his head and a gold lemme straight-jacket, and the bassist was wearing a skeleton Halloween costume and a top hat!  You can see all of the pieces (maybe the ones worn in concert?) in the Official video for the song, here.

After spending 13 hours on my feet at the fair Wednesday, I was very sore and could hardly walk!  My gluts were letting me know how unhappy they were for having to pack my butt (and the rest of me) around for that long!  I spent Thursday and Friday recovering!  Thursday though, when I went out to collect eggs, I stepped on yet another roofing tack that the chickens dug up.  These suckers are so, so rusty!  The tacks are literally returning to the earth at this point and so, the one I stepped on was nearly nothing but the pointy part left!  Of course, I stepped on it with my foot that was already sporting a blister pad from all the walking on Wednesday...why not add a band-aid to it too?  The nail broke the skin (I've had a tetanus shot in the last several years), so I slathered the "wound" in Neosporin and slapped a "duct tape" style band-aid on it.  That evening before bed, I went to replace the dressing but decided to leave it off as we couldn't relocate the puncture after a shower!  I know Neosporin "helps cuts heal faster", but that was amazingly fast!  Under 10 hours...

Saturday was uneventful, we took a half dozen egg out to my other half's parents and their newest dog (they've had her for a little over 9 months I think) finally came to say hello to me on her own!  I even got kisses and was able to pet her!  She has a real aversion to women for some I was really glad to see she's starting to warm up to me, we don't go out very often though.  I'm there maybe once every other month or so when we are paying back part of the loan they gave us when we bought the house (my other half normally takes it to them during his lunch break).

As for Sunday, we had an "us day"...I didn't even bother to shower until bedtime!  We got up, drank 2 pots of coffee (this never happens!), and played World of Warcraft all day!  My other half did get showered and do the shopping around lunch time...I wasn't feeling "up to going" because of girl issues (I really hate girl issues...I hope the surgery helps that be less of an issue in the future!), so I stayed home and caught up on all the Facebook games I play.

Today I need to decide what (if anything) I am going to order from AVON...I tried the new Anew cream they are coming out with and there is no way in H-E-double hockey sticks I am going to do that again!  I knew from past experience (I used to sell AVON) that I didn't like the Anew smells too perfumey to me, I was assured this didn't smell so strong.  What I didn't count on was the minor chemical burn I got on my face, across both cheeks and around my nose!  I had it on for less than 3 minutes before I was running for the bathroom to wash it off with the first thing I could find...liquid hand soap!  I will be buying some of the Skin-So-Soft products, a few roll on deodorants (they're on sale and I love the scents), maybe a few things for the boys at Christmas...but, I have set myself up with a $15 budget (to cover taxes and keep it under $20), so we'll see what I narrow it down to!  Either way, I'm glad to have found a rep to buy from that isn't super pushy!  I only buy a few times a year when I have a rep to buy from...  I'd buy some of the makeup, they have really good stuff, but I never learned how to "wear" I stick to lip gloss and nail polish, lol.

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