Thursday, November 17, 2011

I'm a Bad Blogger...

After my surgery, I really haven't been up to much other than some baking.  That is, until yesterday!  With Thanksgiving approaching (and the birth of my sister's 4th boy, our 5th Nephew), I had to get my rear into gear!  I had things to get done before I leave town!

First on the list...get the girls to start laying eggs again!  I added lights to thew coop, a heater to the water, added a few "treats" to their diet (nut filled suet cakes, cracked corn, and "large bird" treats which are really just dried red chili peppers).  Finally yesterday, I got 3 eggs!  Henri started up three days earlier so I now have 6 "golden" eggs in my fridge and three chickens all fighting over the new favorite nest box!  Now to get them to stop roosting on and in the nest boxes!

I drug out my sewing machine, which hadn't been used since March when I bought it, to make "accessory bags" for the purchased "yarn bags" I bought because they claimed to be "travel friendly" for the crocheter or knitter in the family.  It was a 2-pack of nylon bags.  They work awesome, but the bags only fit a single skein of yarn!  The Red Heart Super Saver (my all-round favorite for its versatility and price) has to be smashed in, but it fits.  My issue was the actual project!  It's great to have the yarn in a bag, the "handle" is long enough I can actually go around my waist with it and wear the yarn ball like a belt, making it easy to use and it isn't falling on the floor every time I shift.  But, since I am working on blankets...keeping the bulk of the already crocheted project clean was a challenge, especially since one of my cats' favorite "food" is plastic bags (my original "keep this project clean" idea.  So, I found a cute fabric remnant and got to sewing!  I ended up with enough fabric to make two bags!  Awesome since I have two yarn bags...I can use one for crochet and one for knitting!  (Photos to come when I get around to posting about all the projects)

I also have 6 more completed sewing projects that I can't talk about yet...holidays and all, ya know.  But, I will be posting photos of them in the coming weeks.  For now, I'm off to work on 3-6 more sewing projects and one no-sew project!  But, for is a sneak peek at one of the projects that is now finished!  I recycled/upcycled/whatever you want to call it, a leg that I cut from a pair of really stretchy jeans several years ago.  Ever the pack rat, when I chopped the legs off of the jeans, I kept them and put them in a box of fabric.  Since then though, I haven't found a use for them until now!  The fabric panel is a square I cut from a fabric that had a mash-up of varying little scenes and such.  I eye-balled the "centered" position on the project, so it's likely just a bit "off", but the finished product turned out really nice!

Have an awesome Thanksgiving!  I'll be gone for a week, hopefully visiting all four of my nephews and possibly bringing #3 home with me for his first ever "solo" visit to Aunt and Uncle's house!  The timing works out because we'll be going back in three weeks from when I leave also gives his parent;s a chance to get acclimated to having another infant in the house while not also having a very jealous new big brother to "deal with" at the same time.  #3 is having to give up his "baby" status, part of his bedroom, and all of his "alone time" with them.  But, we'll see how things go...a buddy for me for a few weeks is always an awesome thing though.

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