Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Getting "Interactive"...

So, I use an app (or whatever they call 'em over there) on Facebook called  "Little One Pregnancy Calendar".  It's pretty cool!  It tracks approximate number of heartbeats (since baby's heart started beating, over 27 million here), approximate weight (around 11 ounces currently), length (about 11 inches), how many days "left" (only 126 total to due date, 105 for me!), and gives little bits of info that are kinda cool too.  They also have a "poll" section!  I love polls...so, I added them here as well!  On the left hand side under the "about me" section, you can now find all four polls and make your guesses!  I love to see what people think, even if I don't really want to "hear" what they think all the time.

I set the closing date on the "what am I" poll for July 5th at 9:30 in the morning (PST) since we have our second sonogram that day at 9:45 and I am being optimistic that baby will finally let us in on the secret!  The other three (height an weight at birth and the birthday week) are all set to close October 1st at 10 pm (PST again), unless the little one decides to make an early debut, then I will close the polls early.

In other "baby related" news...I found the cutest pattern for sewing reversible booties!  The instructions and pattern are currently sitting on my printer waiting to be dealt with, tomorrow.  I'm hoping I have enough Fat Quarters that I can make a cute little set of these without cutting into my larger pieces of fabric.  That being said though, I have plenty of fabric in boxes to make a cute little test pair of these!  The pattern came in 4 sizes too, so I'm starting with the second size up (don't want everything to stop fitting at the same time) and may make the largest size for the youngest nephew if I like how the pattern works up.

Also, we finally got our registry up and "mostly" running.  It currently has 3 strollers sitting on it though...the one we picked out in the store has horrible reviews though, so I added a second stroller that I had put on a wish list (before starting the registry) because it had awesome reviews.  The second one is also about half the price of the first one!  Then, today while I was supposed to be looking for items we haven't got on the list yet (still debating whether or not to add a full-size swing since we have a hand-me-down travel one), I found the "travel system" that has the car seat we have on our list!  It comes with a 3-wheeled jogging stroller that looks pretty darned nifty (and even has speakers built-in to plug an IPod into).  It, of course, is more expensive than both of the other strollers, but it does have the added bonus of coming with the car seat ($110 if we buy it separately).  Tomorrow the search continues to "fill out" the registry, even though we still don't have a gender, so nothing "specific" yet!

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