Friday, June 8, 2012

Darn Baby!

Clearest shot we got through the whole visit...
This child is proving to be just as "difficult" as it's Mother and Father!  Yesterday "the baby" spent all day using my various organs as punching bags.  Today though?  On the day of the ultrasound?  Nothing!  Little bugger was pointed facing my spine, wrapped in a tight little ball!  Baby's arms were straight down at its sides, legs crossed and "its" ankles were touching its forehead!

So, we still don't have a "for sure" if we are having a boy or a girl and won't until July 5th (assuming our little "nugget" decides to cooperate at that visit)...but we did catch a half second glimpse and it might be a boy (75% chance it's a boy).  I guess the shower on July 7th will be a sort of "Gender Reveal" party as well, lol!  Invites should be going out soon...(I need to get the rest of "my" list to my sister still) as "gender neutral, but leaning toward the blue side".

In other "news", we decided to buy a lotto ticket today.  I mean, wouldn't $205 million be a nice way to start a college fund and pay off a few bills? After we purchased the ticket though, we notice a little sign off to the side reading "buy a $10 lotto ticket and you could instantly win a $50 gift card", well wouldn't that be nice "we" think to each other!  Guess what?  We won a $50 gift card!  While Garrick was over waiting in line to get "our" winnings on that, I decided to purchase a $2 scratch-off ticket, something I have not done since moving to Washington.  Once home, I played my ticket (a crossword one, I really love those kind).  My $2 ticket won as well!  This time only $5, but that is $3 more than I started my day with!

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