Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My, oh, My...It's Wednesday Already?

 This whole summer is going to be crazy busy...we have something going on with family and/or friends nearly every weekend between last weekend and the end of September!  We have a wedding to go to at the end of August, "we" (Garrick) have decided to skip his 20 year high school reunion in favor of visiting with friends that live across the state, one of our nephews will be here late next week (after I go spend a few days down in Central OR and bring him home with me) and will be staying with us through the July 4th weekend, July 5th is our second anatomy scan (hopefully baby will cooperate and we will find out what sort of "parts" the baby has), then on the 6th, we have a short appointment with our OB and are headed to Portland for that weekend (OK, we're staying in Vancouver, but ya know...)!  July 7th is the baby shower (I foresee my little "it" getting lots of yellow, green, and orange stuff...)!  After that, the weekdays free up a bit, but we still have plans every weekend...what a crazy time!

As far as this week goes, we were out of town visiting friends...this meant leaving our house Saturday morning to make it to the hotel in time to check in and then dinner (after a short trip to the mall, I needed new shoes), followed by an evening at the bar with many more friends (I know...I say I don't have any friends, I should qualify that better and say I don't have any local friends...besides the few I do have)!  We ended up spending the entire night talking and playing games with our friends and didn't manage to get any sleep that night!  Sunday morning, we got showered, had breakfast at the hotel, and then made a beeline to the nearest Starbucks for caffeine (and decaf for me and baby), followed by a sto pat Jack in the Box for "road drinks" (Diet Sodas).  Once on the road, it wasn't  long until we were in the middle of nowhere and my blood sugars decided not to behave (I had half a bag of Coconut M&M's in my purse and we were fairly close to a town).  We made a quick stop in at Burger King for a chicken sandwich and a small root beer, and then were on the road again!  We ended up getting home around 3:30 Sunday afternoon and after a quick trip to the vet to get Rosie (we board her at her vet's office when we need to go out of town and don't have anyone to watch all of our pets), we were home and finally in bed asleep by 4pm!  Monday was a typical day, except that at my OB appointment on Friday, my doctor decided it was time to reign in on my blood sugars by placing me in the hospital for a few days...Monday I got the call to be at the hospital at 8:30 the following morning.  So, I had to unpack the suitcase from the weekend to repack for a stay at "hotel hospital" for an undetermined length of time.

Also on Monday, we went to do the baby registry.  I'm not a huge fan of Babies R Us, but it is close to the house and they offer a few "perks" when you register with them.  First perk, we get 10% off anything left on the registry (either 1 month prior to or 1 month after the "event" date, but I can't remember which)...savings for us, woohoo!  The caveat there is that you only get the 10% savings on a single shopping trip (can we all say "expensive trip" together on the count of three?).  We also got signed up for a VIB (Very Important Baby) card, this is basically a gift card that anyone can put money on (it's on the registry as an option), I have an issue here too though...the card (and therefore the money put on the card) can only be used for diapers, wipes, baby food, and formula!  I need to call the info number to ask if cloth wipes and diapers count, otherwise I don't see this card being of any use to us...unless I fail miserably at making baby food and let's be honest, if I can keep the dog alive by making her food, I should be able to do the same for a baby, right?  Lastly, Babies R Us is expensive!  We put things on the list that we want/like, but I really hope that people do some shopping around and get whatever they choose to get for our little nugget (assuming anyone does) at a store that carries the "same" product for a better price!  A prime example of that is the infant car seat we put on is the car seat we plan on getting, but we plan to purchase it ourselves from Baby Depot (in Burlington Coat Factory) for about $30 less than the one on the registry!  Some things are sorta kinda on there twice...there's a "baby essentials" gift set that has a bunch of crib sheets and changing pad covers that also comes with a changing pad (I really love this set in both the yellow/green combo and the yellow/white combo), but at $80, I don't think anyone will actually get it.  So, we also added a plain, no frills changing pad (it happens to be BRU brand, but any would really do) along with 4 or 5 different changing pads (more for the color than whatever design is on them). Really, I just know we need the pad for atop the dressers I have yet to build and enough covers for the pad so that we can change the baby on a clean surface!  I feel horrible that I don't "care" what they look like, but I do know that right now (until we know what we're having), I'm sticking to the yellows, greens, and browns because they'll work either way.

Lunch today, minus a slice of bread...

So, here we sit on Wednesday already! I can't believe how fast this week has just flown by!  On the bright side, we hit the 21 week mark today!  Go us!  I did see my OB this morning and he plans (at least for now) to send me home tomorrow morning, but won't say "for sure" until he comes to see me then.  Which means I may or may not have a ride home tomorrow.  I know Garrick will either do it himself or arrange a ride, but I really hate that he has to take time out of work to deal with this when it feels like a mostly wasted stay for me.  They have about as good of control on my sugars as I have been having at home!  Yesterday I was low all day (though I would not have been had I been home, I would have treated the low more aggressively to start) and today has been bouncing between what I think of as "perfect" readings and being around 200!  I finally figured out this whole "hospital food" thing too...since I'm Diabetic, I don't have the luxury of having anything I want and with the restricted carb counts at each meal, I have to be very careful what I pick or I will starve!  I didn't order my lunch yesterday, I let them pick it for me...I got a single tiny tortilla with some chicken in it, a teeny packet of salsa, 1/3 cup of brown rice, and a fruit cup...I was so hungry by the time dinner got to me that I nearly inhaled it!  y breakfast this morning, I have the "system" worked out though...I ordered scrambled eggs, sausage, lite yogurt, cottage cheese, decaf coffee, hot chocolate (sugar free), whole milk (for the coffee), and a strawberry jello (sugar free)!  Without eating the Jell-O (I have it saved in the fridge for later), I was stuffed!  The key is to pick several lower carb options!  For lunch I did the same thing...except I know the tech who took my food order thinks I'm nuts.  I ordered half of a sandwich (1 slice of bread, ham, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo, and mustard), a garden side salad with Ranch, a fresh fruit cup (the melon in it is really yummy), another Jell-o (sugar free again and this time "tropical", it was gross), and a chef salad (included a sliced hard boiled egg, some turkey meat, 4 tiny cheese cubes, cucumbers, and a few cherry tomatoes)!  The tech asked me if I was sure I wanted the side salad since I ordered a "big" salad too, lol!  Keep in mind though, the side salad is like 4 bites of lettuce with a single slice of cucumber and one cherry tomato...  Again, I'm stuffed, but really looking forward to dinner tonight (as soon as I get it ordered)!  I sleep much better when I'm not starving...last night was miserable and the night nurse spent from 7pm on trying to force feed me a sleeping pill!  She also tried to tell me I needed to have an IV "access" line put in, but I turned her down on both the unneeded sleep aide and the IV line, I sleep very lightly in places that are not my own bed, but I sleep just fine between the wake ups (for which I am fully awake for and not groggy)...I also have no need for an IV...all they are giving me is insulin and my BP pills!

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