Saturday, June 2, 2012

Yet Another Diaper Option...

Thanks to my lovely sister (she writes  The Mom, The Wife, The Low-Carber and the Learning Coach, though I wish she'd shorten that to something I could remember...), I have yet another option in my search for "affordable" cloth diapering options!

Giggle Life Baby Products has some interesting cloth diapers...each diaper they sell comes with 2 inserts (infant and toddler sizes)!  To purchase one diaper (and 2 inserts) they cost $16.99 each (out of my price range)!  However, if you scroll down the page a bit farther, you can get 38 diapers (and 76 inserts) for the "low" price of $249.99 (or $6.58 per diaper, assuming "free" inserts since they all come with them)!  Keeping in mind that I think finding a used cloth diaper for under $10 is a steal...these are right up my alley!  12 colors...that's 3 of each color and 2 extras (no pink or flowers if it's a boy though...)!

The only issue I currently have is coming up with a solid chunk of $250 to purchase these bad boys with!  GLBP does offer these with free shipping, so that's even more savings, but since we just bought a new car (taking on car payments again after not having any for about 6 months), had to put almost $2000 on the credit card for the dog (she ended up having 21 teeth removed), and purchasing our new bed a few months ago...things are feeling a bit tight these days.  Add to that the fact that we know this baby is gonna cost us an arm (if not a leg too), in "stuff" as well as hospital bills (my fibroid surgery last October cost us roughly $2000 out of pocket, but that isn't bad considering it was a $50,000 surgery and hospital stay). 

I'm sure I have plenty of time to get this purchased...I'm just having a mini panic attack today...I'm 19 weeks and a few days, meaning we are already in the back half of this pregnancy!  We only have another 17.5 weeks (or so) to go and nothing is done yet! 

On the plus side of finding these "cheap" diapers, I can use all that material I have been amassing for diapers for other burp cloths and bibs! The photo on the left is a set of 7 bibs I made for nephew #4 last year.  My favorite out of all of them is the denim one with the sailboat on it!  I used an old piece of jeans that I have been packing around for years (I used to wear that pair until they ripped...I still wear the top half as shorts every now and then), for the back, I used a piece of cotton fabric that has the look of a pieced together quilt, the sailboat also came from that fabric.  The one in entirely reversible for two separate looks!  Going clockwise from the denim, the next one was made from Corduroy!  The funky thing in the middle is a giant "W" (nephew #4's First initial), it was the first one I made, so it isn't "perfect", but it is also reversible, I sewed the "W" on after putting it all together, so there is the outline of a "W" on the back as well.  The Ducky one is flannel and came from leftover material that I used to make nephew #1 a travel pillow sized pillowcase (that he got so attached to that he slept with it even when it was nothing more than a few strips of worm out material tied onto the pillow), the Cookie Monster print is left from another travel pillow I made...this one though was supposed to be a replacement for the Ducks when it wore didn't work!  The blue fabric with green turtles is also a flannel...this was my Christmas gift to Nephew #4 (the other 5 were given as a "welcome to the world" gift in and on the diaper cake I built!  The top bib was a Christmas print, it has snowflakes and reindeer all over it.  That one also got fusible backing on it, that's why it looks a little stiffer.

His Christmas present was a Travel pillow (and pillow case), the two bibs and two Burp cloths.  I made all 5 pieces from 1 yard of fabric!  The burp cloths have a dark blue rayon-like fabric as the backing and each got a different decorative stitch around to give the solid side a "look" that wasn't quite so plain.  The one pictured was a simple design that I thought looked very "manly", while the one not pictured has a Tulip trim that I just love using!  The tulip trimmed one also got a large button hole stitched into one corner (I made a booboo on the trim, but it looked like an "on purpose" thing thing the button hole there!  My sister said I should have put a hole in the other one too!  Nephew #4 loves his burp rag/small blanket so much!  With one of those rings that are so popular for babies, the burp rag easily attaches to the car seat, stroller, or even the baby carrier and is within easy reach for baby to play with (and the side nearest the ring is always ready if Mom needs to clean up a little drool)!

Another option for "all this fabric" I have is pacifier holder!  I made one for Nephew #4 from the same fabric as the Blue bib with reindeer.  Even though my sister was planning on not using pacifiers (she has since wised up), it was also the perfect size to fold up one of those bibs and keep it clean and easy to reach!  I also made a second one of these after Christmas as an accompaniment to a purse I made for my Mother, I though it might work as a cell phone holder (her phone is too large), but it is handy to use for other small things you don't want to go digging for at the bottom of the bag (chap-stick, Tums, change...).  I suggest paying attention to the way your pattern is on the fabric for something like this though...For the one pictured, it didn't matter but the bird fabric I used it really did matter!  This would be fun to see done it stripes I think.

Well, time for me to go get the screwdriver I bought last weekend (because we can't find any of our other sets) and see if I can't get the crib that was given to us together!  This should be "fun" since it came with no instructions...I do have an advantage is identical to the crib my parents had for me (and my sister) and I did help put it together when Nephew #1 was born!  I really love the look of the crib...this one is going to "live" in our soon to be office space downstairs to be used for naps and such while we're downstairs.  If nothing else, it'll make a handy diaper changing space away from the majority of cat and dog hair!

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