Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Neutrogena Cosmetics...A Review

I received three revitalizing lip balms (in Sunny Berry, Healthy Blush, and Petal Glow), Cosmic Black eyeliner, and a brightening eye perfector in Buff as part of my BzzKit for the Neutrogena Cosmetics campaign. By now, if you read my blog enough, the product reviews anyway, you know that as a BzzAgent, when I get into a campaign for a product, they (generally) send the product to me free of charge in exchange for word of mouth advertising (I try the product and tell you all how much I love/hate it and then you go buy it, in theory)!  Currently, I am also involved in BzzCampaigns for Fillipo Berio Olive Oil and Dr Scholl's for Her High Heels as well.  By the way, does anyone own a pair of size 10w heels I can borrow...I don't own a single pair of high heels!  And high heel shoe inserts in my most recent pair of ballet flats just isn't cutting the mustard...  At any rate, on with the review!

As a gal that doesn’t wear a lot of makeup (none most of the time really), I was skeptical as to how much use I would get out of these or even if I would like them (the reason I usually don’t wear any make up)!  As it turns out, I love this make up!  I suppose I just wasn’t trying the “right make up” before.  The lip balms feel great on my lips and do indeed leave my lips with a healthy pinkish glow long after the balm has worn away for a nice “lip look” without having to reapply my make up!  I love this feature especially because I generally only put lip colors on at home and then use a regular chap stick if I need any added moisture later in the day, though I don’t even really need that as long as I remember to add a little color to my lips before I leave.  The “taste” of the balm is pleasant too, it doesn’t feel or taste like I have a factory floor full of toxic fumes riding around on my lips (we all know that first time you try a new lip color and you breathe in through your mouth right after putting it on…). At $8.99 per color, I’m ready to go out and buy one of each of the remaining three colors as well as buy “backups” of the three I have!  I like that the colors aren’t too strong and don’t appear to go on as a thick “paste” like other brands I have tried.

The brightening eye perfector has replaced my under eye concealer and for the most part, any eye color I may have lying about!  It wakes up my eyes all on its own and I don’t feel the need to add anything else to feel “put together”, even on date night!  Available in four shades, Fair, Buff, Light, and Medium…most women should be able to get a shade that works perfectly with their skin tone.  At $13.99 a tube though, it is pricey, but coming from one “non-make up wearing convert” to any others, I feel it is well worth the price!  Since it has a built in brush, it is very easy to pack with you if you feel the need to reapply throughout the day or before an evening out, I find it unnecessary to do so though.  Cleaning up after using this product is a breeze too, just wipe the brush with some toilet paper (or other dry cleaning equipment) and put the cap back on, do not get it wet!

I have less experience with eyeliner than most 6 year old girls…it isn’t something I use (ever) and have been too intimidated by the black color of this one to really try it!  In the interest of fully trying everything though, I have given this one a shot as well…others who have used it probably have a better grasp of this product, but there are a few things I really like about it as well.  First, it does have a bit of “sparkle” to it, giving the illusion of whiter whites to your eyes.  It also goes on very smooth, others I have tried in the past sort of catch a crease near the eye and things can go horribly wrong so very fast there!  Each eye liner comes with a sharpener “built in”, when I saw this, I thought that it meant you could just twist the pencil part up and it was always sharp (see, I told you I know nothing about this stuff), but rather, the opposite end comes off to reveal a teeny tiny little pencil sharpener!  I know, I shouldn’t get so excited over a sharpener, but it is really cute (this could totally be pregnancy hormones talking though).  Attached to the sharpener is also a “smudger” so you can take that hard line of eye liner and create a blurred, smoky look as well (double duty liner)!  Using the smudging tool definitely softens the harshness of the liner and can tone the very black color of the Cosmic Black to a darker shade of grey.  I imagine with the right eye shadow shades to go with this, I could even pull off a decent look!  This product is retailed at $7.99 and comes in four shades as well (Cosmic Black, Brushed Pewter, Spiced Chocolate, and Twilight Blue).  While I feel like the Cosmic Black may not be the right color choice for me, I am really interested in getting the Spiced Chocolate!  I wear a lot of browns and greens as far as clothing and am generally more comfortable with the earth-tones when I do wear make up.

Overall, I have really enjoyed my time using the cosmetic products that Neutrogena sent for me to try (free of charge, my favorite part of any new BzzCampaign, but not everyone)!  I will be purchasing more of them in the near and far future and I can see them giving me an easy way to look “well made up” even when we begin a=our next journey from expectant parents into the sleep-deprived parents of a newborn in just a few short months!

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