Thursday, July 5, 2012

It's A...


Little man cooperated right off the bat this morning too!  He was in there upside down (butt towards my head) and the tech was trying to start at the top and work her way down, lol.  There was no mistaking him for a girl this time though, we didn't even need the tech to voice it, lol.  To everyone that suggested Orange Juice this morning, I'm not sure if it worked or not, but he was playing with his hands and even kicked a few times this time!  At the last ultrasound, he stayed curled up in a tight little ball through the whole thing.

So, now that we have narrowed down the naming process by 50%, we are still left debating all new names that may fit with this adorable little face!  We thought about Lee Alvin for a while, and may still use it (or part of it), but I don't think we're as "in love" with the name now like we were back in March.  Other names on "the list" are Andrew, Bailey, Kevin, and maybe some form of Nathan (or Nathanial/Nathaniel)...we still have time!  We might even just narrow it down to a few names and wait to see what fits best with this little stinker's personality!

I can hardly wait to see what this little guy looks like!  He definitely has my nose though!  First thing Garrick said when he saw the side view was "Well, he has your nose"  and boy does he!  Now, the waiting these last 13 weeks is going to be really hard...I want to meet him!  But, I also want him to "cook" I'll patiently (or not) wait out these last few months.

In the meantime, I have to pack for our trip tomorrow for the baby shower!  Then, it'll be home to start really working on the nursery!  I mentioned the other day that I had finally settled on a general color scheme, well it looks like it'll work out perfectly!  And we can use the office that already has a darker green carpet in it too (unless someone wants to put new floors in for us, lol)!  I think I'll skip the ruffly decor stickers though and just go with the circles and dots...maybe get a set of brown animal outlines for an added touch of "cute".
The photos are the decals as well as the inspiration I had for the room decor.  I want a much paler green than this, more of a pale mint, but the idea is still the same!  If we really run out of time, I'll go ahead and get some of the peel/stick things in the green too and just go over the white walls, but I'd really rather not!  However, it may work better to go with the white walls if we end up getting white furniture, only time will tell!

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