Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Thing I Said I was Gonna Talk About...

So early this morning I mentioned my cell phone in a previous posting here.  What I failed to do was go back and explain my "small" issue with it.  You see, I was outside the day before yesterday pulling weeds from my "Hill of weeds" that also happens to be home to my Blueberry bushes and Raspberry plants.  These weeds have grown to be taller than I am this year, mostly due to the fact that we haven't been spraying and/or weeding them at all and so they grew out of hand, literally.  In this photo, you can see where I weeded, where I didn't, and the pile of now dead weeds I pulled up.  The majority of the weeds up there have dagger-like thorns protruding on the entire stalk!  Also, late last year we had a patch of what looked like grass growing up there, but when it went to seed (as plants will do if you don't control them better), they seed clusters are barbed with very painful hooks, barbs, thorns, whatever you want to call them.  The remaining thorny clusters are still up there under all those green thorny things too!  We apparently picked up the Morning Glory that is the actual noxious weed from somewhere too...as once I got to the top of that hill, everything was tied tightly together by a very similar plant to my vine I am growing on purpose, but the flowers were very tiny on this one.  Anyway, progress has been made here and I suspect it shouldn't take the two of us more than a few hours to completely clean up this hill this coming weekend (hopefully)...once we go buy a couple pairs of thick leather gloves so the thorns will quit biting into our skin through the gardening gloves we had on (the kind that look like they were dipped in rubber)!

I'm not too sure on what this little plant is...it looks similar to my Raspberries, but to me looks more like a Blackberry "bush"!  We don't have anyone anywhere near us that has Blackberries, or any other kind of berry, so I have no idea where this might have even come from!

Anywho, two to three feet to my left is the "pit" where I planted the Raspberries.  I've talked about this space before...when we moved into the house, there was a smallish water feature style pond there.  It was gross and did nothing for us except breed Mosquitoes and kill a bird.  After the bird drowned in it, I pulled that water out by the bucket load and pulled the black plastic liner out of the pit dug specially for the water feature.  Since then, in the last two years we have had a big, ugly hole in our hill in the middle of our backyard.  So, this Spring, I dumped 3 large bags of soil into the hole and planted 4 Raspberry bushes in it, 3 have survived and from those three, one has been doing great.  Long, run on story short, I moved to take a photo of that Raspberry bush.  As I leaned over the rock lined pit, the phone slipped from my hand and landed face down on a flat rock that was no more than 2 inches away when it slipped.  When I picked it up and flipped it over though...well, let's just say I was not happy!
We rushed to the Sprint store only to be told that they couldn't (read this as wouldn't) do anything about it and that I would have to go home and call in a claim to my insurance (phone insurance) and wait for them to mail me a replacement phone!  Very early on here I wrote about all the issues I had with my Palm Pre around Christmas.  Between December 10th and the 26th, I had to get my cell phone replaced 5 times because of mechanical errors in the phones!  They don't make the Palm Pre (original) anymore and so each refurbished phone they sent me had an issue all it's own...my original phone went in to the shop for a small graphics issue and came back "fixed" but the touch screen didn't work anymore.  If you cn think of an issue that would render a phone unusable, I got it!  Including the keyboard not working at all, one that only 4 of the keys didn't work (but the ones I required to be able to log into the phone, of course), no working earpiece in one...you get the hint.  So, in May, after months of dealing with a "finicky" phone that only worked when it wanted to, I finally got an upgrade to an HTC Arrive (Windows phone labelled, "7 Pro").  Now, as I wait for my "back ordered" phone to arrive today via FedEx, I am back to using the old finicky Palm Pre...which is what I had to take with me on my flight to Portland.  Long story short, we spend a lot of time and money (we have 4 smart phones on our cell plan and have upgraded 3 of them recently after many mechanical issues on all three) and it burns my cookies that they refused to do an exchange for a phone they had in stock at the store!  If they send me a refurbished phone, I am taking it back to the store and demanding to talk to the manager (who has handled our issues many times personally)!  Refurbished phones have more than just the "issue" that had them exchanged in the first place...and the repair shop only fixes the reported issue, they don't check for any other issues that may not have been mentioned! 

One thing that really annoyed me (the whole situation annoyed me, but) was when the gal working asked me why I couldn't just use it as-is until I got a replacement phone...shattered glass, with little shards falling out of the touch screen cell phone...I wonder!  It does have a slide out keyboard that can apparently be used to navigate as well, but I really doubt I would have been able to get that beauty through airport security, lol.

For my trip yesterday, I had to take two batteries for the phone and a car charger...I burned through both batteries and had recharged both batteries during the day.  I got home with less than 20% on the "fourth" battery of the day.  I will be very happy once FedEx gets here with my phone today...

Well, I think I only got side tracked a few times there...hope everyone else can read or at least understand part of it!

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