Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up...

As plans normally do, our plans changed yesterday.  It was a fairly "lazy" day around the house with the "boys" playing World of Warcraft all day, leaving me computer-less and therefore left to find something else to keep me entertained.  I ended up watching the final season of Greek on Netflix (I can't believe I never got interested in that show) while I worked on the Bright Yellow and Banana Berry colored Pillow Pal for my oldest nephew.  I'm almost done!  I have one leg and a tail to crochet, then I need to attach all four legs and the tail to the body, which is already sporting the head!  I am really surprised at how fast this project is working up!  I am by no means a "fast" crocheter, in fact most things take me twice that of what my Mother can do them in, even with her hands hurting from "age related" issues.  So, the fact that I am nearly done with this project over the course of 2-3 days of working on it is nearly mind boggling!  I am really excited to see one complete and start the next one too!  I have the yarn picked out for the next one already, then I'll have to go back and get more colors, hopefully when yarn is on sale (which almost never happens here)!

With the changing of our plans though, we opted out of going to watch the traditional fireworks display put on in the park by the city.  From the time-lapsed view, here, that our favorite weatherman, Bill Kelly, put together, I'm kind of glad we didn't bother!  The Nephew and I did watch "some" fireworks though...first in Stormwind (in World of Warcraft), I set him up at the top of a building to watch the 8pm display, he thought it was great!  We also partook in a few "real life" mortar blasts courtesy of our neighbors across the street...these would be the "nice neighbors" I was ranting about yesterday....giant blasts of fire and light (exactly like the compute-generated ones in the photo) across the street!  The b-tards probably got away with it too...there are so many calls about illegal fireworks on the 4th, that no one ever makes it to our neighborhood!  Meanwhile, my dog was a mess!  She was shaking violently, panting with her mouth as wide as she could get it, and drooling everywhere!  Not to mention that my big dog was trying to make herself fit under my bed!  Yes, it is on 4" risers, but she still can't fit more than her head under there...so instead, she dug everything she could reach out from under the bed.  She also soaked the floor next to the bed (with slobber) and tried to get in my other half's lap while he was sitting at the computer!  Not an easy task for a 75 pound dog of any breed!  She refused to go outside to potty last night, but was a good girl and didn't have any accidents in the house...though she did rush outside this morning! 

Over all it was a good day, I marinated Chicken pieces in a marinate of sorts.  I started with Olive Oil, then added a little of "this" and some of "that" from my herb garden, lol.  I started going for Mint, so I grabbed a good handful of Apple Mint and a few sprigs of Chocolate Mint.  Then, I snipped a small piece of Lavender and a handful of my Parsley.  And since I was there, I also grabbed a few leaves off the Pineapple Sage as well as a small amount of the Creeping Thyme!  I took all of my herbs inside and finely chopped them and added them to the oil.  I also added a small packet of Sesame Seeds I had stuffed in a drawer along with a blurb of Seasame Oil (the SO I should have saved to dress the chicken with).  I let that all sit and get happy for a couple of hours, then just before I took everything outside, I decided that maybe I didn't make enough Chicken for the three of us, so I got out the last of the Shrimp (which needed to get used up anyway) and tossed them in Olive Oil and a few shakes from the "Pizza Seasoning" bottle of my spice rack...I forget what the mix of herbs is, but I tend to use this bottle a lot!  When the chicken was almost done cooking I added the shrimp to the basket, the basket is a Wire Mesh Grill Roasting Pan I bought at World Market a few days ago, I signed up for their Rewards Program, it's a nice deal even though we don't get most of our food there anymore.  You earn free coffee by purchasing x number of bags, as well as free $ by spending x amount there!  I forget the exact amounts, but I'm nowhere near those at the moment.  I do spend a good chunk there around Christmas to get the boys "different" treat from around the world, as well as gifts for the adults (sample size cheese, hot sauce, meat sticks, coffee flavors, etc...), last year we bought "non-paper paper travel mugs" for the adults on my side of the family there.  Anywho, for my birthday (month) they sent me (via email) a coupon for $10!  Normally I would expect these to be "off a purchase of $50 or more", but this was for anything $10 or over!  Woot, I had been eying this roasting grill pan for a while now...since our last one rusted through!  A grill pan is so convenient!  With a grill pan, there is no need to skewer small pieces of food!  I thought everyone would prefer the chicken, but as it turned out, the boys preferred the Shrimp, go figure!  Everyone left the table full and there was nothing left, so I guess I cooked just the right amount!

Another thing we did this weekend...we bought a dishwasher!  We planned on stopping in at Best Buy to see if we could special order this model in Black, it is made in Black by Whirlpool, but Best Buy only offers it in White and Stainless Steel.  The "normal" price on the Stainless is $550, while White is $500.  The Stainless would match the stove we bought a few years ago (also a Whirlpool Gold), but keeping Stainless clean is another story, lol.  Anyway, when we got to Best Buy, they were on sale (yeah for holiday weekend sales!) and the Stainless model was about $75 less than thew White!  So, we ordered it in Stainless Steel!  We probably could have gone to Fred's Appliance and gotten it for the same price or better, but we were able to get it interest free for 18-months and build up our (his) credit score a little, not that he needs it, lol.  We do plan on paying it off when the first bill comes, but it meant we didn't have to drop several hundred dollars right then and there.  The new dishwasher should be here next Wednesday!  Not a minute too soon either, the old one that we inherited with the house has given up even attempting to clean anymore, 3/4 of the dishes come out just as dirty or worse than when they went in!  As a bonus, I will finally have the flat front I've always wanted!  I really hate trying to clean around the knobs and buttons on the front of a dishwasher...

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