Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How Lucky Am I?

Yesterday was a great day to travel for me!  Yes, we had to get up at 3am...hence the child sized person sitting at the gate holding a child sized cup of "coffee", it was hot chocolate.  Pardon the huge white blog of whatever that is...I think it's finger!  We were all packed and ready to go the night before, even though I had to take time out before dinner to try and remedy a "small" issue with my cell phone (I'll get into that in a minute).
July 2011
July 2007

With "coffee" applied liberally, or as liberally as you can get from an 8 ounce cup of warm milk, our nephew did seem to wake up before our flight departed Spokane!  He will not fix your computer, but he probably could if he wanted to, lol.  That shirt was a gift from us at Christmas last year, his Uncle has one just like it, but much larger and older.  When he was younger, he preferred "Uncle's shirts" to his own pajamas and so he slept in a huge tee instead, lol.  You can tell I give him the same haircut every Summer, ha!

We had a fairly uneventful flight up until the pilot (whom our nephew insisted was called the "co-captain", he saw that there were two pilots, lol) announced that we were descending into Portland and that we needed to stay seated and buckled.  What better time is there to have an emergency bladder situation?  When this little guy says he has to go, it is an emergency now!  Not to be the one to get yelled at to get back in our seats, I told him he had to wait...I'm a mean Aunt, I know it.  He did manage to make it to landing without an accident, but I had told him that as soon as he was allowed to unbuckle, he could run to the front of the plane and ask to use the restroom up there.  The lady directly in front of us was nice enough to let us blast past her and the seats around her (she spread the emergency news) and we managed to get ahead of most of the first half the plane.  Everyone that blocked our way to the bathroom was a man...apparently they don't care if a little boy has an accident on an airplane.  The flight attendant was nice enough to let him use it, I was afraid he was going to pee on the tires of the plane waiting for his luggage if she didn't!  I wonder if I would have been arrested for letting him...anyway, he dropped his backpack at her feet and rushed in, not even bothering to shut the door (which she held shut with her foot).  As we emerged from the plane, the ala carte cart arrived, we found his bag and were off!  Breakfast at Denny's...while I am not impressed with the one out "here" in Spokane Valley, the one we have visited in Portland (I believe it's on Washington), is very good!  I had 4 eggs, 2 pieces of Bacon, and 2 Sausage links for $5.99!  That is a good deal!  In comparison, I ordered my meal as individual items from Shari's the other night and got 2 Eggs, 4 pieces of Bacon and a scoop of Cottage Cheese for $5.58, so I think it's a good deal, lol.  While we had planned on going to OMSI again yesterday, it just didn't happen.  Everyone was really tired so we hung out at my cousin's house and did the "visit" thing instead.  It gave our nephew many chances to show off the video I made of him getting this year's birthday present...his laptop!  I think he watched it 10 times yesterday!

My cousin is a very crafty person, as in, she does a lot of crafts!  SHe has so many "projects" though, she has decided to downsize.  So, she offered my some of her yarn!  We couldn't find the box she was looking for, but did find one box and she sent me home with 6 skeins of beautiful pink and mauve yarns (4 pale pink, 2 mauve)!  Of course, I hadn't brought anything big enough to hold all that yarn, so I went and bought a large purse at Wal-Mart (I plan on using it to hold my current project as I can feed yarn out of both sides of the zipper and not worry about tangles).  I also picked up "Appletini" and "Margarita" Crystal Light!  I haven't been able to find these in Spokane!  And yeah, I bought a new shirt too, lol.

We went with my cousin and her husband to their normal pizza dinner on Mondays...a pizza parlor/bar that has 7" personal pizzas for $2.35 on Mondays called "Pizza Baron" in southeast Portland.  I should clarify that my "cousin" is really my Father's cousin...but she's more like a "favorite Aunt" to me and my family, lol.  So, we had dinner with her family, her brother (also my "cousin), one of his kids, and a ton of the next generation!  So there were second, third, and fourth cousins all ranging from ages 5 to nearly (or past) 60 all together!  The kids pretty much took over the game room, lol.

My "day" though really didn't start until I got back to the airport last night!  I got there with no incident, through security and off to my gate to grab a giant cup of coffee and wait to board around 8:30pm.  As soon as I sit down, I get a text from my other half...he says to me "Wil Wheaton is at the airport, go see if you can get a pic with him!"  As a general rule, I am a very introverted person...I didn't want to pester or bother the man just because we happened to be in the same space!  So, after much proding, I ran to the other end of the airport...  I have to say, I am really glad I did!  I spent roughly 30 minutes chatting with him, just like he was an old friend.  This guy is super smart (and probably has more in common with my other half), but I was able to hold a very animated conversation with him as well.  I must admit, I am not very familiar with what he's doing "now", but my boyfriend does follow his twitter and blog and has been a huge fan since his "Wesley Crusher" days on Star Trek Next Generation.  As a kid, he was one of my first "celebrity crushes" too, but not because I was geeky then...my Dad loved Star Trek and watched a lot of it, so I saw it a lot, lol.  I enjoy watching him when I am lucky enough to come across something he is in these days, but don't generally seek out specific actors just to watch them act (just not my thing).  I'm a hug Big Bang Theory fan, so loved him in that...anyone that gets a rise out of "Sheldon" is awesome, lol.  I'm also a huge fan of "The Guild", but again...a "bad fan" as I think I am now 1 or 2 seasons behind!  Oddly enough, at dinner earlier I was exchanging "you have to watch "this"..." ideas with my cousin's husband and we had discussed Eureka and it was on my "go home and add this to my queue" already!

Wil Wheaton and ME!

As for my plane home...I very narrowly managed to make it aboard!  I spent a little "too much" time chatting and had I not run back to the other end where the gate was, I really would have missed my flight!  Honestly, for getting the chance to talk and get to know Wil Wheaton as more than just a face on a screen, it would have been worth it!  We traded stories about our dogs, and trains trips, the price of flights (and how he nearly has enough air miles with one company to get their "crazy number of miles lifetime platinum card"), his kids, my nephews, we even talked about chickens!  Yep, I brought up my chickens whilst talking to a celebrity, lol!  He said his brother (or possibley brother in law, I forget which) has them and that he would love to have some too, but he can't because his dog would eat them.  The crazy things that come up in conversation!  He has a beautiful black and white dog that he showed me a photo of...half pit bull and half Great Dane!  Gorgeous dog though...  We talked about so many different things and shared stories about pet and kid antics that I can't even begin to remember them all!  All in all, it was an awesome night and I thank him for sharing his time with me and his wife for letting him call her back after I left (she called as we were attempting to take a photo for me)!  Yeah, okay...mostly for my other half who was totally jealous that he wasn't there to meet him...but he gladly took my recount of the time I spent!  And as a side note...I loved his shirt, I need to find one of those for my other half, it is totally his style! (And I am also glad I hadn't chosen to wear "grubby" clothes yesterday!)

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