Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tales of an Egg (or Two)...

So, since I found the 2 eggs (one broken, one whole) on Friday, I haven't found any since.  I was getting a little worried since it has been two days with nothing!  Well, we went out this afternoon around 2pm and when checking the newly lined nest box, my other half noticed two eggs on the roof of the coop!

The "roof" on our coop is flat and only has about 10-12 inches max at any given spot and most spots have only a 4-6 inch gap to access them from!  But, there they were...two nearly perfect eggs!  I suspect Gerty, our Barred Rock is the egg laying culprit.  But my suspicions aren't knowledge because I still haven't caught whoever is laying "in the act".  Gerty does like to climb though, she has climbed the fencing on the run many times when I'm on the outside and she really wants to cuddle and she climbs it all the way to the top!  I suspect that is how she is getting up there to lay her eggs!  Today, we went about bought a "mini bale" of Timothy Hay from the feed store because they had thrown all of the sawdust out of the box and had managed to knock one of the fake eggs out as well.

We have now added cardboard as a temporary "fix" until I can get out there in "not 90+ degree weather" and attach some hardware cloth to keep them off the roof, I never suspected they'd be able to get up there!  It isn't pretty by any means, but here's hoping it works!  Empty soda cases (12-packs) worked great for covering the ends, we just stapled them to the bottom of the deck boards and once at the bottom of the box to hold them on.  I think this is the most likely end she was using to get up there.

In "un-chicken-related" news...we went "Soybean hunting" this morning!  Well, we went Black Soybean hunting, but we have regular ones on sale for 99 cents a can versus the $2.99 for the Black Soybeans!  I have a recipe for a slow cooker chili using a can of these beans, I hope the "white" ones will turn out good, even if they don't "match" color-wise!  The only difference I could see in comparing the two labels was the amount of fiber versus amount of total carbs.  The ones pictured are 13g Total Carbs and 12g Dietary Fiber (so, 1g Net carbs), while the Black Soybeans were 8g Total Carbs and 7g Dietary Fiber (for a whopping 1g Net Carbs) no real difference there.

Also, we stopped by Best Buy on the way home from Red Robin (I am in love with their Grilled Chicken Alla Caprese Salad!).  We got a World of Warcraft subscription card for my other half because his expires the end of the month and he still isn't sure if he wants to let it lapse or not (not is a better choice) and, since I was there and I really wanted it...I bought myself Sims 3 Generations expansion pack!  I I don't already have enough going on, right?  But, I enjoy the Sims and can spend time there when the online things are down for maintenance and such.  Yep....we are geek/gamers (in our free time)!

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