Saturday, July 9, 2011

It's Saturday!

I have a class this morning at the Humane Society to learn how to train the dogs to do "puppy tricks" like "sit", "wait", "leave it"...should be fun!  Also, on;y an hour long so I can enjoy the last weekend with our nephew here!  Since he's been having another bout of "play WoW all day"...I have gotten another pup made and a third one nearly done!  This pup has shorter ears (by 14 rounds) and a shorter neck (I only did the first 2 of 5 rounds there).  I think he's even cuter this way!  And more "durable" for giving to a 5 year old...

The girls endured a "photo shoot" this morning after I let them out of the coop,  but only after Henri decided to leap from the pop door, smack me in the face with a wing, and land at the top of the run door, where she hung on to the fence for a good 10 seconds before pushing off again and flying back across the run to land on the ladder leading from the pop door!  I guess they were hungry this morning and that was my punishment for waking up a little late (I woke up at 8:10, they normally get let out right before 8am, lol)!  First though, they have switched ends on the roost!  This really makes it easier to stick my head in the pop door and count heads...before I had to stick my cell phone in and take pics because I couldn't get myself turned around enough to see up in the corner!  I really need to get the video surveillance set up out there!  Anywho, last night they swapped ends and this is what I got to see!  Don't mind all the feathers in the litter...

Henri this morning!  Yep, they were hungry enough to hole still for semi-non-blurry photos!  This is a good comparison shot of the feather differences in my two Wyandottes too...  If it wasn't for the fact that Henri has a definite laced pattern on her back, I would suspect she might be a Columbian Wyandotte (I think I spelled that right)!  They are typically all white though with just the black feathering like she has around her head and neck.  Who knows...maybe she's half and half, lol.  We all know hatcheries aren't that picky as long as both parents are the same breed (good color isn't a priority).  Very, very pretty in my opinion though, I was so worried that I wouldn't be able to tell Henri and Clyde apart when they got big!  Clyde is in the very back of this photo, she has a very nice laced pattern!

Speaking of she is from the neck up!  While no one is crowing that I know of, both Henri and Clyde "complain" to me the whole time I'm outside!  They are really talkers!  I get "bawk, bawk, BAWWWWWWWWWWK'd" at from the minute they see me at the base of the stairs, until I go back up stairs, lol!  And all three have taken flying leaps at me in the last week or so.  Once our nephew goes home, I need to spend some serious cuddle time in the run...I think they're mad at me for not spending as much time with them (or rather I feel guilty for not spending as much time with them).

And then there's Gerty...she had a serious issue with the food this morning!  Talk about giving it the evil  She is my cuddler...she loves to be held, but it is hard to hold her while I'm bent over in the run, so she will get extra cuddles come next week!  Her comb and wattles are so big and red!  At 16.5 weeks old though, I'm hoping they size/color changes of late are in preparations for eggs in the near future!
On our way home from dinner last night, this is what happens when your dishwasher sucks and you know the new one will be here in a few short days, our nephew was excited to realize we were driving behind a fire truck!  Even more excited when an ambulance pulled up along side of us!  They must have been returning from a call, as the fire truck turned towards the firehouse that is a few blocks from our house (awesome for when I was having all the extreme lows last Summer, great response time) and the ambulance continued on towards the hospital that is a few blocks on the other side of our street.  I did capture the moment to share with you lot though.  Probably more interesting if you'd actually been in the car with us though, lol.

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