Sunday, May 8, 2011

Visiting Family...

The up side to driving down to get my mother for an "adult only" visit to my house (normally they bring at least one of our nephews along too) was getting to visit with the kids for a few days.  It was great fun to watch them play a modified game of "Duck, Duck, Goose!" combined with "Musical Chairs".  With every "Goose!" a chair was taken away and they ran around the remaining chairs until the adult leading the game (my sister) said to sit down.  In the case of the photo to the left, they were down to the final chair and rather than sitting in the chair, my oldest nephew grabbed the chair just as the middle one went to sit!  Leave it to a 6 1/2 year old to figure that trick out!  At 3, 5, and 6 1/2, this modified game kept them busy for a good 45 minutes!

Those green kid's chairs are a find I got at Winco for $3.48 a chair!  They aren't the greatest of kid's chairs, but for the price, they should last at least through this summer!  I did get all three boys to sit (sort of) still after the game though...  Of course, then I got them riled up by having them holler things like "cheesecake!", "Monkey Butts!", and things like that while I snapped away trying to get a good photo of all three!
Nephew #1 got busy playing "store" with items that he got from the Easter baskets I put together for them with items I got on clearance (50-75% off) after the holiday.  He was also "selling" (he wanted the plastic coins that came in the eggs) things like "Transformers Bubble Gum", which was really a toy he had on the play structure, or  "Ball Bread" that was a large grey ball that Nephew #2 picked out at the Dollar Tree 2 weeks ago when he was visiting us!
Nephew #1
Nephew #2
Nephew #2 did eventually get his ball back for his older brother's "store" though and went about trying to kick it into the swimming pool (that has yet to be cleaned and filled this year)!

Nephew #3 took time out of the rousing game of "Musical Duck, Duck, Goose Chairs" to "reattach" some bark to a tree...he made them wait too while he did tree surgery!

And in a rare moment alone while visiting...a wild rabbit came over for a visit with me!  These little guys (not so little in this case since it was a full grown one) are all over the place!  They kept my cats well fed when I was a kid, lol!  This rabbit though was safe from any kitties that day though, he hopped off to the realative safety of behind the play structure!

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