Thursday, January 17, 2013

Atkins House Party Kit is HERE!

I was lucky enough to be invited to host an Atkin's House Party for House Party!  Well, my party kit arrived a few minutes ago and let me tell you was better than Christmas! 

In my package I got, 9 boxes of Atkin's bars (3 each of a Meal, light snack/breakfast, and treat bars), plates, napkins, utensils, a cool water bottle for me, grocery pads with a magnet on the back for my guests, the new cookbook, reusable grocery totes for my guests (I hope they don't mind slightly used totes, I think I may need them when I go buy the 16 frozen meals for the party!), an apron (for me), and a starter kit!  Also, 16 coupons for free frozen meals for the party and $1 off coupons for my party guests!  The starter kit you can get by going to the Atkin's website and signing up for one.  It comes with 3 snack bars (a meal, breakfast, and treat bar), a carb counter guide book, a small recipe book to get you started, and a coupon for a free frozen meal!  They have revamped the whole package since I started low-carbing life a few years ago!

I've been off my low carb diet for almost a year now due to pregnancy, breast feeding, and finances (we just haven't gotten back to being able to "afford" eating all that protein)...also is so much easier to have Garrick cook up a couple boxes of Mac & Cheese for dinner while I nurse!  I will get better at this though and we will be going back on our diet soon!
Hosting this party gives me no excuse to not get back on the diet...I need to lose baby weight and get back on track with the weight loss I was enjoying before Gabriel came along!  I love him to death, but I really want to get back out of my size 22 pants...I had just hit 18's last February!

Stay tuned for more details...we party January 26th (or as soon as Garrick gets home from his business trip that evening...I had to plan the party around going to get him...and then I leave town, so it'll be late by a few weeks...but will still be spectacular, lol)!

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