Monday, January 28, 2013

My New Favorite...


I have been using regular old dish soap (Dawn Hand Renewal) for my baby bottles and other feeding "accessories" since Gabriel was born.  Lately though, I have become super frustrated with the film it's been leaving on the silicone pieces and how it sometimes doesn't work to get the breast milk off the dishes.

So, while at Babies R Us the other day, I came across Babyganics, it was on sale (buy 1, get 1 free) so I picked up the foaming dish & bottle soap and the tub & tile bathroom cleaner ($7.99 & $5.99) to try.  I tried the soap first (I do dishes daily...I don't clean the tub that often) and was instantly in love with it!  The clear silicone on my nipple shields was clear once again, instead of the foggy white from the other dish soap!  The directions for using this soap say to put it on a sponge and not in a sink full of water, so I simply partially fill the small side of my sink with enough water to soak my bottles in, squirt a bit on the sponge end of my bottle brush, and get to work.  I usually only need 1 or 2 pumps for all my bottles!

On to the bathroom cleaner!  Before Gabe's bath last night, I needed to give the tub a quick cleaning.  An even spray down and a wipe with a clean, dry, rag and I was done!  If you haven't noticed in the photos, both are fragrance free!  The bathroom cleaner really is totally free of fragrances, there was no smell at all!  The dish soap does have a clean smell to it though.  They do offer a citrus scent version as well.  Cleaning has just gotten faster and easier, just what any new mom needs!  Even though I did have help when I took on the tub, if I had been alone, Gabriel would have been just fine to play on his own while I cleaned, it only took about 2 minutes total!

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