Friday, January 11, 2013

Redbox Instant - A Review

Yet another BzzCampaign to talk about, 2013 is a banner year so far for campaigns that I am participating in!  Redbox Instant is like Netflix or Hulu, it allows you to stream movies to your computer and the monthly service fee of $8 a month also comes with 4 DVD credits (each credit is 1 night for 1 movie).  These can be used at any Redbox kiosk. 

Here's the rest of the information provided to me by BzzAgent for this campaign:
  • You don’t have to be a Verizon customer to sign up for the service, but you do need high-speed internet access to use it
  • You can weigh in on what would make Redbox Instant even better and report any service issues via the Help Center at
  • Instantly stream Hollywood mega-hits to any internet-connected device, including smartphones (iPhone and Android), tablets, computers and Samsung Smart TVs and Blu-ray Players
  • The Redbox Instant by Verizon app is limited to certain devices, but is not needed to stream content
  • You can buy and rent movies digitally without a subscription, including today’s newest releases
  • Browse Redbox locations and reserve movies at the box of your choice using the app, too!
 While I have a 30-day free trial that goes until February 2nd before I'll be charged the monthly service fee, I don't need the full 30 days to know I will not be resubscribing.  While I realize that it is in Beta-testing and they may not have all of their movies available just yet, they just don't have enough to keep my interest!  I probably watch more streaming videos than the average person because Gabriel and I watch streaming shows and movies while he nurses, but I watched everything that interested me on the streaming video list in a single day!  I loved getting to watch Thor and finally getting to see Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon, I think they may be the only movies on the list that are nearer than the mid-1980's!

I will continue paying my $7.99 a month for my streaming Netflix and using Hulu (the free version with commercials).  I don't need the "hassle" of having to go "rent" movies from the kiosks, no matter how conveniently located they are (I don't go to the store everyday, so it would require a special trip out, not easily done with an infant).

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