Wednesday, August 24, 2011

IBA #100, 493, & 66

# 100 - Write about a time you fought The Man.

Hmm…I do not think I have.  I have had a disagreement with “him” a time or two though.  Currently, I still have an Oregon driver’s license, after living in Washington for 4 years, because when we moved here to get a Washington DL you needed to be able to “prove” you lived here with a utility bill (cable, telephone, etc… our actual utility bills come to “resident” in Spokane).  Since my other half pays for all that, I did not have one.  We got cable in my name to solve that, but they sent all their bills via email!  I know they have changed it so I can bring in any piece of mail with my current address on it, but at this point, I cannot afford the “fine” for having waited longer than 30 days (I only missed it by…1,453 days…)!  I will eventually get one (my ODL expires in 2014), but the way they have everything set up here is screwy…the place you go for vehicle tags (not tabs, that it just stupid…leave it to Washington to call them “tabs”…) is different than where you go for driver’s licenses.  I have never been to either; both vehicles are in my other half’s name as well.  I do know where to go for emissions testing though!

# 493 - First memory as a child

My first memory is a jumble of several actual memories.  I remember the house we first lived in when we moved to Madras, Oregon (from Portland) when I was two.  It was a brick red mobile home with white trim.  However, in my memory, it is my birthday when I was given a giant yellow plastic pig shaped bank (that used to be my cousin Tana’s) and I was going around the living room and everyone there was dropping coins and such in it.  Both the birthday and the house are actual things that occurred, but not together.  The birthday was at my Aunt and Uncle’s house in Prineville, Oregon (they lived in a house in Ochoco Hills) and the house was in Madras, as I said before.  They are close to the same period though, within a few months of each other.  Therefore, I would say my first memories are from when I was around two years old.

# 66 - A chill went up my spine…

…so, I turned up the heat!

Yes, still do not like doing these.  I should really go through the list and knock them out, but I may find one that hits a nerve…and I do not want to be tempted to knock others off, so I am not going to do it to any of them.  I will just continue to ignore them and gripe as they come up!

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