Monday, June 13, 2011

You MUST be a Dumb Girl if...

Yep, had to go to Home Depot this morning...  I needed 2x2's to build my run door from after all!  I went in, picked out a set of (matching) hinges to go with the set I already have at home (uh oh, watch put for the "matchy girl"!), found a hinged latch that would work with my "weatherproof" padlock I already bought, and headed to the lumber section....all by myself I must be stopped!  Then, I adeptly paid for my items, took them out of the store (no help there either), and loaded them, all by myself, into my truck. 
Then, and only then, did the "big helpful man" come up to tell me I had to tie down my load....  "Yep, I know" I said as I put my purse on the seat...that must have been my mistake, taking a purse with me!  And, before I could lean across said seat and grab the pile of bungees I had waiting for my purchase...this "guy" goes straight into a lecture about how I can't just drive around with wood flopping around in the back.  "Yep, I know" I say again as I waggle my bungees at him (no euphemism there, I have photographic proof!).  But, oh no, he couldn't stop there...he finished his lecture about how illegal it was as he huffed away.  Stupid man...  I should note that I did wait to take my photos until I was home though...and the bungees on the seat is where I tossed them after I took them off the wood, but still...they were on the whole 3/4 of a mile it is from Home Depot to my house!  I have a full set of Bungees as well as a pair of tie-down ropes in my truck, and we have a full set of bungees in the SUV too...  I could understand the rant if I had been hopping in the seat and starting the engine, but the only move I made that might have even been construed as me about to drive off was opening the door!  Apparently the "manly way" would have been to carry my Bungees into the store with me so that everyone who saw me might know that I do, in deed, plan on tying my load down...

In other news, it's raining today, not sure if I'll actually get out there to build this afternoon, but tomorrow for sure!  For now, the newly purchased lumber is under the porch, in the run and the hinge and latch are in my kitchen.

This weekend I also had a little "photo session" with my back deck, AKA "My Garden".  It started with finally getting my new patio set put together, mostly.  We are having issues getting one of the ottomans together, but the rest is done and has even been enjoyed recently!  The table is acting as a stand in plant stand until I figure out where the bigger table is going this year, still need to really get things in their places!   They are pretty darned comfy too!  The flowers are looking pretty darned good if I don't say so myself too.  But, I still need a better watering system, I'm still working on it though...which is why it is still watering half my deck every other morning!
My Marigolds are looking great, even if they are staying tiny...I like to call them "Dwarfed Marigolds", but I'm assuming they are small because I didn't start them properly or something...  They are still pretty and as it turned out, all of the seeds that grew were of the mixed color variety, my favorite!  The seed packet was supposed to hold solid orange, solid yellow, and the mixed.
I have been so focused on getting the chicken's run done, that I have seriously neglected the rest of the yard...not that I have "much" to do, we pay someone else to come mow it every other week ($15 each visit).  It is much less stressful on us and the grass looks great!  However, I am now playing "Find the Berries" on the hill!  My Blueberry planters and the Raspberries are planted up there...can you spot them?  Once the girls are outside, I plan on spending several days out there weeding just the hill...the edges around the yard can wait, lol.  It is a pretty shade of green though...

Last, but not "indoor" plants are doing pretty well.  My Pothos is loving the window at the landing and has started to spread beyond the planter!  I love climbing greenery like this, easy to control, but looks pretty!  My other "major" houseplant, is my Avocado Tree!  It has officially become too big for the Kitchen window sill!  I started this as a seed from a store bought Hass Avocado a little under 1 year ago!  It has been moved out of the window to a temporary home upstairs on an end table that was acting as a nightstand.  The matching end table has been in the downstairs Living room since we moved in, but this one used to be a nightstand in the Master until we found one (in our garage) with drawers that took it's place.  It's going back downstairs to rejoin it's mate now.  After, that is, the tree has had enough time to readjust and stand tall and straight again!  You have to turn these trees once a week or so or they lean toward the sunshine.  This one was mashed in a window sill so it's leaves are all leaning to one side!  Today it looks much better, I may take it downstairs this evening.  I do afterall, have to go install Netflix on the Wii down there...then we'll have it in every room of the house (save the dining/kitchen area)!

The last thing brightening up our living spaces is my heart shaped basket I made a few months ago.  It is hanging on a plant hook way above my head, and dangles at the top corner of the staircase out of the way of everyone under 20 feet tall!  Even my other halfdoesn't hit it!  I had to turn my Pothos because it was poking him every time he walked by...  On the left is a bunch of (fake) flowers that one of my Great-Aunts gave me over a decade ago!  They came in a pretty little basket that she sewed a cover for and in the basket was also a set of 4 placemats and napkins that matched the basket.  Sadly, all I have left of the entire set is one placemat and the flowers, the rest have been lost over many moves.  On the right is something else I've been doing to avoid real "work"...papercraft flowers!  Yep, printed out off the computer, cut out and glued together...these guys are really fun to do!  Also, they really brighten up the room with their vibrant colors!  I have mentioned the papercraft stuff before, around Mother's that time I hadn't put any together yet, but now I sugeest everyone make a few!  The first one was really hard to do, but they do get easier to do!  My favorite, of course, you can't  see in the photo, was a Lily, I made a White one, but also have the pattern for a pink one too!

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  1. Love it! You could go into business with your baskets, lol.

    I spent the bulk of my day making sure my chickies weren't dying from the heat. It's been over 100 for the last two weeks; yesterday it was 107. The lowest it's supposed to be for the next 7 days is 103..... bleah. It's been too hot even to finish building the coop, but once the hardware cloth gets here, it will be mornings and evenings, for sure.