Friday, June 24, 2011

Vacation Fun!

We went out this morning and saw Cars 2!  I enjoyed myself, and so did my almost 7 year old movie buddy!  He's a huge Cars fan, so this movie coming out while he's here on vacation was even better.

We spent the morning sleeping (it is vacation after all!) and then did a little shopping prior to the movie.  I had gotten us 12pm tickets (the first showing that wasn't in 3D).  So, we went and got more Atkins bars (including a box of the levels 2-4 Endulgence Chocolate Sandwich Cookies!), shorts that actually fit my movie buddy (he never tried on his Summer clothes before packing them), and picture frames!  I have a stash of photos awaiting frames...but I'm also very cheap.  Hence the pile in the first place!  However, with the recent addition of a new 8x10 that I special ordered from Nephew #1's Spring pictures, it was time to get some frames!  At $2.50 a piece (for the cheapest frames at WalMart), I picked up an 8x10, three 5x7's, and for an additional $0.50, I got a double frame that holds two 3.5x5's!  Nephew #1 got the big frame, and the 5x7's went to his school photo from the first of the year, a photo from last year of all three boys together (I believe it's actually a year and a half old), and a photo that is over two years old of myself and my other half (the only photo we have of us together, besides one we talked my other half's Dad into snapping at his brother's wedding in July of 2007).  The double frame is holding photos of Nephew "A" (from his side, lol), I also have a 5x7 that has no glass (long story) with a photo of him too.  I also got two sets (I thought it was one set) of Magnetic Photo Pockets that hold wallet sized photos!  I'm going to need at least two more sets of those too I think...

After the movie (2 hours), we came home to find the next Netflix disk in the mail!  It is nice living in the same town as the distribution center...we have a 2-day turn around of DVDs and Blu Rays!  So, we finished off our afternoon by watching Alpha & Omega...cute, but not all that great in my (not do humble) opinion.

Hamburgers for dinner tonight on the BBQ...tomorrow I want to try a new Shrimp recipe out, but need to get to Costco and buy the it may have to wait a few days.  Good thing this is the nephew that likes Shrimp (he used to eat them tail-first, yuck)!

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