Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Home Security versus Dog...

This smiling pooch won today...  We were out having dinner, luckily only a few blocks from our home, when we recieved a call from the alarm company that the back door sensor had been tripped!  So, with the break in attempt a few weeks ago in mond, my other half told them to "disregard for now" and raced home to see if there was an issue or if the sensor had finally fallen off the door.  This door in particular had to be put up backward from the way they normally do it and as a consciquibce, isn't on there all too stable.  When he got to the house, the back door was standing wide open with the dog sitting patiently just inside the door.  As an added bonus, she did manage to keep both cats from going outside!  Baby has been out a few times when the dog has let herself in...that giant room we humans call "outside" scares the poo out of him!  Frappy though, had she gotten out of our bed, would have been gone in a flash, she loves to go out!  So, my other half shut the house back up, locking the back door this time, and hurried back to where his dinner was getting cold.  At least the dog seems happy with herself, lol.  Two Easters ago she managed to lock us out of the house as well as into our backyard!  At the time we had padlocks on both gates and no spare key, anywhere!  We finally managed to find something the other half could stand on and climb over the chainlink to try the front door (also locked).  And I did mention EASTER, right?  Yep, Holiday rates to call a locksmith out!  The guy that came was really nice and didn't charge us holiday rates though (he brought his date with him to break into our home for us).  Thank Fluffy for smart phones and google!  We had no idea who to even call on a holiday!  She's locked us out since, but we now have another way in. If only we could teach her to SHUT the door behind and NOT do it when the alarm is armed!

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