Thursday, June 30, 2011

Today is the day!

Well, later today (after 2pm) my sister will be calling to tell my oldest nephew (her oldest son) what the baby(ies) is(are)!  He tried calling her last night after his Uncle scared the living daylights out of him, but she missed the call and didn't call back until after he'd gone to bed.  The mean Uncle snuk up behind him and yelled "boo!" after he'd caught him messing with his computer (after he'd told him not to touch it).  The poor boy went screaming into his bedroom (my office) and started crying that he wanted to go home because Uncle wouldn't be there to scare him, lol.  He did calm down after failed attempts at calling Grandma and Mom...apparently everyone there was too busy to call back, lol.  My mother did call back while he was still up, but we couldn't hear anything on our end, so we hung up hoping she'd go outside where she gets bars on her cell phone, but she never called back.  I do know she is calling this morning to discuss business stuff with me, so I plan on waking up Nephew #1 if he isn't already up when she calls.  Please vote for what you think/want it to be!

Well, last night's Slow Cooker Barbecue was a big hit!  The meat just fell off the bone, literally!  So moist and good!  I am definitely keeping this recipe handy!  My other half and I (but mostly him) have developed a taste for the "spicier" foods, to the point of my low-carb, homemade mac and cheese is made with the Mexican cheese with bits of Jalapeno (Kraft makes it, it's pre-shredded) as well as going back to what the original recipe called for, Cayenne Pepper!  I have, for years, used Chili Pepper instead to cut down on how spicy this dish was, now we are jacking the spicy way up!  But, back to the ribs...spicy, sweet, juicy....I may just have to have some of the leftovers for breakfast now!  Not bad for my first ever foray into cooking ribs!  Next time I may even slice them into ribs instead of leaving the pieces large, lol.  My nephew even ate 1/2 of one of these small "racks"!  There were 5 pieces in the package and all totaled they weighed 4 he ate quite a bit of meat!

I did share a few scraps with the girls last night as well.  They got one Broccoli piece, cut up into tiny bits, a few pieces of Red Pepper, that came in the Veggie mix, and I believe one piece of Yellow Carrot, but I may have eaten that instead of giving it to them, I forget...  They also got about 2 Tablespoons of the "meatier" pieces of scrap before they went to the "dog food additives" bowl.  They went bonkers over the pork!  I must have stirred their inner carnivore too...this morning they nearly caught a moth that had settled down to sleep off the day in the run, lol.  They disturbed it when I tossed a few BOSS to keep them busy while I filled the feeder (they were having a tizzy that I was messing with it).  It was quite comical to watch them chase it and each other!  The moth eventually made it up high enough to get out through the 2x4 fencing (it kept bouncing off the 1/2" hardware cloth at the bottom of the fence), and Henri is probably still out there digging through the leaf/straw pile that it originally was in looking for it!  I really wish I had had my camera this morning!  The girls are acting more and more like what I imagine chickens should act like every day...last night they were in the coop by the time I got out there, a little after 9pm, and were fighting over who got to sleep where on the roost!  Gerty really wanted the spot that Clyde was in, so, she climbed right up on top of her back!

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